“We’re gonna need you to come in on Saturday, and give us your Facebook password.”

As you prep for a job interview, I’m sure a flurry of questions runs through your head – “Am I wearing the right clothes?” “How many other candidates have applied for this position?” “Do I have sufficient experience?” “I wonder what their work environment is like.” But I’m sure you’d never expect to hear your[…]

4 tips for breaking into the world of public relations

You’re fresh out of college with a degree in public relations. Now you need a job. Public Relations is all about connecting people, but do you know how to connect yourself? Scoring your dream job doesn’t have to be hard as you think. Here are a few tips that will help you stand out in[…]

Franco PR Competes in Detroit 313 Trivia

Did you know the Belle Isle Aquarium opened in 1904? Or that Stevie Wonder has more Grammy awards than Aretha Franklin? I didn’t, until last night. The Franco Five (pictured at left: Ann Marie, Andrea, Lori and Lori’s daughter Michelle, and me) represented the agency at Detroit 313 Trivia at the Hard Rock Cafe Detroit (client).[…]

Recovering lost art of personal conversation in PR

As I sat at my computer today, I received an instant Spark message from a colleague of mine who sits no more than 15 feet from my desk. Her inquiry, ironically was, “Do you have time to talk?” I started to “spark” my colleague back, but stopped myself. Instead, I got up out of my[…]

The privacy debate: Keeping your audience in mind when posting online

Social media can feel like your own personal paparazzi is splashing your name across web pages and into the hands of well, quite literally, everyone and your mother.  Even if you don’t use social media for business, the warning to clean up your online image and avoid potential scandal has become constant, often directed at[…]