Tina Benvenuti Sullivan

Senior Vice President A self-proclaimed neat freak, Tina can take any unorganized mess and turn it into a color coded, alphabetized masterpiece. When she is not sorting and labeling, Tina enjoys spending time with her two daughters and shopping for shoes in every color and style. Franco’s own Imelda Marcos claims to have more than[…]

Erica Swoish

Senior Account Executive Erica Swoish serves a variety of Franco’s B2B and non-profit clients, providing support through content creation, media relations and monitoring, community outreach and event planning. With an eye for design and always looking to unlock new potential, Erica also serves as Franco’s resident graphic designer, developing logos, newsletters and other collateral for[…]

Marie Stawasz

Senior Account Executive Marie has a wide range of interests from trapshooting to teaching children Polish dancing. And if you’ve ever tried explaining dance steps to a three-year-old, you know it takes dedication and hard work. Marie brings that same dedication to Franco, working with various Franco clients to provide support in media relations, event[…]

Elizabeth Robbins-Sabourin

Account Manager Elizabeth learned that “there’s no place like home” when she returned to Franco after four years building her PR and social media experience on the corporate and agency sides. A seasoned professional, Elizabeth has a passion for public relations and relationship building. With a diverse background, Elizabeth is a jack of all trades,[…]

Andrea Kenski

Account Supervisor Andrea perfected her customer relations skills during her 15 years in retail management for Target and the Gap. Fun fact: During this time, she learned how to wear a scarf nine different ways. At Franco, Andrea supports clients in the nonprofit and healthcare sectors. Before joining Franco, she worked on campaigns at the[…]

Pat Adanti-Joy

Vice President Public relations was an easy career choice for Pat as she always had an affinity for writing. The opportunity to combine that skill with the whole gamut of communications functions for various clients has rewarded her with a career in which no two days have been exactly the same. An accredited member of[…]

Dan Horn

Dan Horn

Senior Account Executive A music enthusiast, Dan can often be found in a record store flipping through vinyl or at home playing a variety of instruments from guitar and harmonica to piano and drums. In warmer months, he spends his time working on restoration projects in the garage. His favorite restorations include his 1974 VW[…]

Joe Ferlito

Account Manager Joe is Franco’s outdoors guy. On land or lake, he loves fishing, hunting, fishing, kayaking, fishing and anything else that gets him out in the wilds of Michigan and across the country. Did we mention he likes to fish? Joe also loves to travel. He rarely visits the same place twice because there[…]

Tina Kozak

President Tina is wildly competitive in the most friendly and productive sort of way. She loves a challenge, whether it’s the thrill of a big client event or a crisis management situation. Throw her a curveball and she’s happy. And speaking of curveballs, Tina loves baseball and music (especially Michael Jackson!). She has a passion[…]