Six cool ties to the tech industry

One of the beautiful things about public relations is getting to work with clients from many different industries, because as us PR pros know, everyone needs PR! One of the industries we work with is the always-growing, ever-changing and exciting technology field. Whether it’s a long-term client or a project based relationship, we love getting[…]

Inspired by TEDxDetroit

“When you share your story in the presence of a community, you have the power to change lives.” TEDxDetroit speaker Satori Shakoor Thank you, TEDxDetroit for shining your light on the greatness of this city and our people. There is nothing like being among a group of Detroiters with good ideas and good intentions who[…]

Franco Tackles the NFL Draft

“Hello and welcome to the 2016 NFL Draft.” To the fandom that surrounds the NFL, there are few phrases that conjure more excitement. That phrase means fresh talent on their team’s roster, it means seeing the next Joe Montana before he becomes a superstar. But, for Franco client STAHLS’, it means making custom, national TV[…]

Public Relations Lessons from a Data Conference in Vegas

Last month, Tina Sullivan and I were lucky enough to escape the cold to support DataFactZ in Las Vegas for the 2015 MicroStrategy World Conference. The data conference brings some of the top data professionals from around the world together for educational sessions and demonstrations of MicroStrategy analytics software. As part of our data conference[…]

Tales from the Road

Last summer I detailed my adventures with convertibles and crustaceans while driving up the New England coastline with the Haartz Corporation. Now that we are in the middle of summer, my travel plans are kicking into full swing. From coast to coast, it’s gearing up to be a busy summer. In May, Franco’s automotive team[…]

Keyboard shortcuts you need to know

I love keyboard shortcuts. So much so that I’ll sometimes spend a few extra minutes to research if there are hotkeys for a task that I find myself repeating. Anything that will increase efficiency is a bonus in the world of PR writing and tight deadlines. It boggles my mind when I see others doing[…]

Help! My PowerPoint file is too large for email!

Have you ever found yourself with a PowerPoint that turned into a 12 megabyte file that was not conducive to emailing? Most of us have been there. Here I’ll explain a few tricks that can help you keep the size of your PowerPoint files reasonable.     Don’t copy/paste slides from old presentations. I think[…]

Are you ready for Facebook Graph Search?

“Find people who share your interests – Explore your world through photos – Discover restaurants, music and more” – Graph Search information page Yes, I followed last week’s news about Facebook’s big announcement as soon as it was made. And yes, I’ve been waiting for Facebook to catch up with the search capabilities of Twitter. So,[…]

1.9 million square feet in 96 hours: A CES debrief

Last week, I attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for the first time.  I’ve helped clients prepare for announcements and exhibits at the show before; but being there in person was a very different (and awesome) experience. I had the privilege of working with Alpine Electronics, the leader in aftermarket in-car entertainment[…]

How to get started: Video ideas for web and social media

Businesses and organizations can effectively engage their audience by using online videos.  As Franco PR’s “video guy” I sometimes get asked by clients and colleagues what types of videos they should create. The options are endless. Here are a few ideas to get you started: How to video You can learn how to do pretty[…]