Cyber Shot is a reminder of how much we’ve evolved

I received a cyber flash-from-the-past a few months back via a former colleague who posted a photo on Facebook from one of my earliest jobs in public relations. There was a fresh-faced me among my PR Associates co-workers atop downtown Detroit’s Penobscot Building in a promotional image that would accompany an article touting our firm’s[…]

Relationship Development: Has it changed more than you think?

I find it fascinating how relationship development has changed. In the era of smart phones, computers and “going digital” personal connections tend to get lost. My friends don’t like to talk, they’d rather text. I might be a little “old school” but I enjoy picking up the phone to have a conversation with a friend.[…]

Recovering lost art of personal conversation in PR

As I sat at my computer today, I received an instant Spark message from a colleague of mine who sits no more than 15 feet from my desk. Her inquiry, ironically was, “Do you have time to talk?” I started to “spark” my colleague back, but stopped myself. Instead, I got up out of my[…]