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Dear Franco, We Love You


Franco Love Poem

“I love working at Franco because of the interesting design opportunities it gives me. I work with such a wide variety of clients that each day is different and unique.”

Ashley Dupuy, designer

“I love our account mix because it provides such a variety of opportunities and allows us to keep up on a wide-range of skills on a daily basis. And of course I love the people and working with a group of such talented team members.”

Joe Ferlito, account manager

View from Franco PR office in GMRENCEN

“I love seeing the Detroit River from our 10th floor GMRENCEN offices. The way it sparkles in the sunshine is magical. And it’s so impressive at sunrise and sunset.”

Pat Adanti-Joy, vice president

“My job rocks! I work with amazing clients, especially my non-profit clients. I love being able to go home after a long day of work knowing that I’m making a difference in the lives of others.”

Andrea Kenski, senior account executive

“I love Franco because of the great clients we get to work with – especially the ones with strong, local roots that allow us to support other exciting organizations in Detroit. For example, Buddy’s Pizza’s recent Motown Fridays campaign with Motown Museum, another Detroit original. Or the Belle Isle Conservancy’s work with the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix.”

Sarah Kornacki, assistant account executive

“I love that it’s very easy to make tough decisions at Franco — you do the right thing. Not the easiest thing or the most profitable thing or what’s best for you or the agency, but the right thing.”

John C. Mozena, account director

Mary Parkinson and her Cheez-Its

“I love working at Franco because the office is ALWAYS stuffed with snacks. With early morning interviews or evening client events, food can be a lifesaver to keeping our energy up. Cheez-it anyone?”

Mary Parkinson, assistant account executive

“I love Franco for being right in the heart of Detroit. And Lori Cook.”

Sasha Reeves, assistant account executive

“The culture: After coming back to Franco for a second time, I can sincerely say that working here is like nothing else I’ve experienced. We empower our team to make decisions and everyone is incredibly supportive. I’ve been surrounded by wonderful mentors both times I’ve worked at Franco.”

Elizabeth Robbins-Sabourin, account manager

“Why do I love Franco? Franco has been my home for the last five years. During my time here, I’ve worked with some of the industry’s most talented professionals and picked up skills I couldn’t learn anywhere else. Through it all, good, bad and ugly, team Franco supports itself. We’re there for each other. Through and through, we work together to make it happen, whatever it may be at any given time. It’s been an honor to be a part of this team, and I’m looking forward to all the exciting things to come. AND…we love our Lori. Everyone needs an office mom, and ours is the best!”

Marie Stawasz, senior account executive

Marie, Erica and Sasha with their blankets

Marie, Erica and Sasha aka the “Office Blanket People”

“My Franco family doesn’t judge me (most of the time) for the bajillion blankets I keep at my desk and am often seen bundled in at various locations around the office.”

Erica Swoish, account executive

Franco Heart

50 Reasons why we love the D

The D. Motown. Detroit Rock City. The Motor City. D-Town. The 313.

Untitled design

No matter what you call it, Detroit is my city. When I was growing up, my parents would drive my sister and I downtown to experience the arts, culture and sports thriving in our city. From Red Wings and Tigers games to The Marriage of Figaro and meals at the New Parthenon in Greektown, we were always in the D. I made a ton of Detroit memories long before I dreamt of working in the Ren Cen.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share why I love the city:

1.  We’re a comeback city. An understanding of your roots is the first step to a brighter tomorrow. Detroit was founded on industry, and today we not only acknowledge our past, we continue to grow and evolve it, shaping our city’s future.
2. Arts and culture are thriving. From the Detroit Historical Society and Detroit Institute of Arts to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and MOCAD, no matter where you look the city’s community of urban artists, hipsters, residents and business professionals, can be found celebrating Detroit’s rebirth through creativity.
3. Opening Day Tigers baseball is practically a citywide holiday. All Detroiters LOVE Tigers baseball. Come downtown on opening day and you’ll see the city at its finest. People of all walks of life can be found eating, drinking and being merry throughout the day. It’s like Christmas.
4. There ain’t no eats, like Detroit eats. All you need to know about the food scene is always get your coneys at Lafayette and eat your pizza square. Just kidding – Detroit’s dining scene is way more complex than that, but definitely choose Lafayette Coney Island and Buddy’s Pizza when in doubt.
5. Detroiters are genuine. There’s no sugar coating it. Detroiters have been through a lot. From the country’s largest municipal bankruptcy and economic recessions, Detroiters have learned how to cope with difficult situations with maturity and a matter of fact attitude. Ask us what we think – we’ll tell you the truth.

That just barely scratches the surface of why I love Detroit, but I thought it’d be fun to find out some of reasons my colleagues love the D too. Here’s a glimpse of what some of them had to say:

Patricia Adanti-Joy, vice president
6. The view of the Detroit River from my 400 tower, 10th floor, Renaissance Center office.
7. The excitement of driving onto and around Belle Isle Park in my work with the Belle Isle Conservancy.
8. Detroit dining and entertainment staples – like Greektown, Cobo Center, London Chop House – continuing to thrive.
9. Visionaries, like Dan Gilbert and the Ilitch Family, who are doing amazing things to revitalize Detroit.
10. All the great professionals I have the privilege to work with here at Franco.

Stephanie Casola, account manager
11. The sunrise over an international riverfront every morning.
12. The ever-growing and impressive Detroit food scene. We’re so spoiled by it.
13. Detroit’s access to amazing Michigan-made craft beer.
14. It’s tenacious, creative, talented and hard-working people.
15. That it’s a city big enough to have and attract an array of culture but still small enough so you don’t feel lost in the shuffle of it all.

Elizabeth Robbins – Sabourin, account manager
16. Pewabic Pottery – My first PR job out of college was at Pewabic Pottery and it provided my Detroit education. I love taking a piece of it with me everywhere I go.
17. DeVries Cheese Shop in Eastern Market.
18. Santorini in Greektown.
19. The Sports.
20. The Old Shillelagh in Greektown.

Lauren Connor, assistant account executive
21. Our sports teams
22. Campus Martius
23. Restaurants
24. Mercury Burger Bar
25. Proximity to the riverfront

Sarah Kornacki, PR coordinator
26. There are so many pockets of culture and interest in unexpected places.
27. Wanting to improve Detroit/being proud to be a Detroiter is a well-accepted stance to take. Getting to be a part of it is really cool.
28. Graffiti art, like in Eastern Market.
29. Events like the Detroit Design Festival and the Downtown Hoedown.
30. Architecture. There’s some pretty stuff ’round here!

Joe Ferlito, account manager
31. Great Restaurants
32. Building Architecture
33. The Riverwalk/Riverfront
34. Revitalization
35. Positive News

Andrea Kenski, senior account executive
36. Detroit Tigers baseball.
37. The energy of those who live, work and play in the city of Detroit.
38. New restaurant/bar openings (almost daily, it seems).
39. Feeling like I’m playing a small part in Detroit’s comeback.
40. The awesome fact that I work in Detroit….makes me feel like a badass.

Daniel Stocking, account executive
41. Culture
42. Entertainment
43. Food
44. Architecture
45. History

Daniel Horn, account executive
46. The Innovation – The community is very supportive of local businesses with new ideas. There is such a wide variety of creative companies constantly popping up, some of which can only be found here.
47. The Music – There’s so much of it! And such a great variety. From jazz, blues and Motown to punk, electronic and rock, there are venues, artists and record stores for anyone.
48. The Food – Again, there’s a little of something for everyone. From coneys to classic Detroit pizza like Buddy’s to fine dining options, there’s enough to try something new and awesome all the time.
49. The Cars – Being a car guy, I love the automotive history of Detroit and being so close to all of the innovations in the industry.
50. The Opportunity – The city is growing, and I love seeing people stepping up to bring new people, businesses and opportunities to the area.

Why do you love Detroit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marie Stawasz is an account executive at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at (313) 567-5201 or stawasz@franco.com. Follow her on Twitter @MarieStawasz.