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Here at Franco, we proudly embrace our differences and personal styles. While Franconians work as a team, our “deskorations” (aka decorations we display on our desks) celebrate our individuality. Our team’s use of deskorations gives each workspace a personal touch and helps create our fun Franco culture.

Whether someone has a passion for Detroit, comedy or even their clients, the deskorations on and around their desks put them on full display.

The Essentials

No workspace is complete without these essential office decorations.

This typewriter has followed Lexi Trimpe to every job she has had since college.


Not only does Samantha Meyer’s cat calendar keep her organized, it helps her start every day with a smile.

Erica Harmon’s deskoration provides a breath of fresh air each day.


While away from home, the warmth and support of loved ones help get us through each work day.

Jeff Sell’s favorite deskoration is a picture of Mickey Mouse driving a race car his son, Emmet, colored.

Geoff Geist keeps his mother’s memory – and business card – on his desk for her to continue to influence and motivate him every day.

Newlywed Tracy Sanfilippo was given this name plate when she started working at Franco. In it, she keeps an early picture with her now husband Michael.

Quirk and Comedic Relief

You know what they say about all work and no play. While some choose to spotlight hobbies, interests or clients in their workspace, others incorporate a little humor, which is always appreciated.

When race car driver Jimmie Johnson visited the GMRENCEN, Lori Cook wasted no time in getting her deskoration signed, which she proudly displays at work each day.

We predict great things from Megan Bonelli. Her trusty magic 8 ball comes in handy when making tough decisions.

Pat Adanti-Joy always has a few tricks up her sleeve; her deskoration makes us smile every time we walk in her office.

Rockstar Neekita Singla enjoys some great views as she works, including a collection of Hard Rock memorabilia and her fabulous coworkers Megan and Pat.

Strength and fortune guide Ashley DuPuy, who stays balanced thanks to her cat-themed tarot cards.

In her most desperate times, Ann Marie Fortunate is comforted by her Pope bobblehead.

For anyone who doesn’t know, one look at Nate Adkins’s desk reveals his burning love for King of Rock, Elvis.


We love our jobs and never take for granted that Franconians get to work with great clients in this great city week in and week out. Some deskorations throughout the office reflect our passion for our wonderful clients, the state of Michigan and the great city of Detroit.

This 3D-printed dinosaur skull was given to Dan Horn by client Materialise.

Joe Ferlito’s Spirit of Detroit pin was given to him when he worked on the iconic statue’s Rededication Ceremony back in 2008.

Rachel Burnard showcases lots of memories at her desk, including a STAHLS’ sticker and a team photo.

It’s All About Detroit

With Franco’s 55 years business in Detroit, we proudly embrace our favorite city!

One of Lauren Connor’s deskorations teaches us that you can’t spell Detroit without Eastern Market, GMRENCEN and the Tigers!

Andrea Kenski is, indeed, Detroitier than thou.

We love showing the world about our hobbies and passions. Franconians will always wear their heart, spirit and individuality on their sleeves all year round.

What makes you different and how do you show off your unique qualities and hobbies in the workplace? Let us know!

Tracy Sanfilippo is a public relations coordinator at Franco. You can reach her at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @SanfilippoWolf.