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What is the Metaverse?

The "metaverse" is when the real world meets a virtual world. It contains seemingly limitless opportunities and provides brands with new ways to connect with their audience.

Brands already advertising in the Metaverse

Coca Cola launched an NFT (non-fungible taken) collection, which raised over $500,000 in just 72 hours. The collections featured separate NFTs with a physical edition fridge filled with Coca Cola.

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Why advertise in
the Metaverse?

The main reason for early adoption is to appeal to today's consumers - especially if your brand caters to Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z generations. Consumers today want more innovative ways to learn about a company or product as opposed to invasive advertising tactics.

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The Metaverse can be difficult to understand unless you have access to experts and developers, but there are a few key entry points we recommend looking into: event placements, ad placements such as virtual billboards, signage and posters and creating NFTs
for users to collect.

How to advertise
in the Metaverse


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It's time to start thinking about bringing real-life experience to the virtual realm. Marketing strategies must make the shift from invasive to innovative across all industries sooner than later to meet consumers where they're at today.

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