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From the increasingly competitive landscape to emerging platforms shifting audience expectations and experience, it’s never been more critical to publish thoughtful and diverse content. Featuring your employees is one sustainable campaign digital marketers can use to strengthen their strategy and support growth!

Social media looks and performs best when
it’s humanized – and featuring your team’s achievements and expertise can not only increase engagement, but also reduce
audience fatigue, broaden brand awareness and provide a direct look into the heart and soul of your brand.


Refreshing Your

Social Media Content Mix

On top of boosting on-platform engagement metrics, spotlighting your employees provides your external audience a behind-the-scenes look at the culture your company has built while further enriching a culture of recognition with your own team.


Company Culture

Amplify and Enrich

Employee Spotlights

With a strategy in place to feature your team in your social media content mix, it’s time to bring it to life with creative. If you don’t have a creative team, we have a solution – read more and download our full suite of free templates, including a checklist to help you get started on spotlighting your people on social.


Design + Free Templates

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