Maximizing Owned Content Across Channels

The Importance of Owned Media

With time and resources being equally as scarce, identifying opportunities to maximize content is not only the most efficient solution – it’s a best practice.


Set Yourself up
for Success

Consider utilizing a content planning matrix that outlines the various marketing touchpoints to provide visibility into what’s already in the works and inspire collaboration along the way.


Understand Your Audiences and Adapt

Challenge yourself to find unique ways to present content across marketing channels. While your audience on LinkedIn may be interested in a live webinar, your Instagram followers may find value in the same content – just boiled down into a
60-second, engaging video.


Fuel The Fire

Your content marketing efforts can move the needle in the right direction in other areas, too. Maximize the time spent with your subject matter experts and flip the insights they shared for a blog post into an application for a speaking opportunity or a bylined article with a relevant industry media outlet.

Senior integrated
communications specialist - Digital

Catherine Pace

Adopting a maximization mindset will allow you to maintain a high standard of quality while also working toward the ideal quantity to be a consistent, reliable source for your different audiences.

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