Brent Snavely

Vice President, Media Relations

“Believer in Communications & Defender of Journalism”

As Franco’s vice president of media relations, Brent Snavely leverages his decades of experience as a journalist and a public relations professional to provide media relations strategy and counsel to automotive and B2B clients, as well as providing media relations best practices to Franco’s team members.

Prior to transitioning into the PR industry, Brent spent 23 years as a journalist. He was a reporter for nine years at the Detroit Free Press, nine years at Crain’s Detroit Business and six years at newspapers in the Columbus, Ohio metro area.

At the Detroit Free Press, Brent covered the restructuring of Ford Motor Company while Alan Mulally was CEO and, later, the restructuring of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles while Sergio Marchionne was CEO. In 2011, Brent was part of a team of reporters who won a Gerald Loeb Award for coverage of the UAW’s groundbreaking contract talks with General Motors. He also served as a key member of the paper’s team of reporters that chronicled Detroit’s descent into and out of Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

In his most recent role at Lambert & Co., Brent led account teams for several automotive and crisis communications clients. Crisis clients included two multi-billion-dollar companies that faced long-term environmental issues.

Brent believes deeply in teamwork and is passionate about mentoring and teaching others. The philosophy that a small number of people can achieve great things when everyone embraces a clear vision has led to Brent’s biggest successes both in journalism and public relations.

Brent holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Wittenberg University. He has lived in Detroit for 22 years and currently resides in West Village with his wife. When he’s not working, Brent loves cooking and being outdoors. He enjoys hiking, biking, running, kayaking and camping and can often be found at Belle Isle – especially on weekends.