Are you prepared for a crisis? Crises escalate quickly, and in today’s 24/7 world of the perpetual news cycle and viral social media, you can lose your good name in a flash. Having a partner on your side to help you prepare for and prevent a crisis is the best thing you can do to protect your company. Franco has extensive crisis communications experience, including President Tina Kozak’s more than 20 years of experience working alongside business leaders to coach, counsel and guide them through crisis situations.

We think of all the things you’ve never thought of: Do front-line communicators know what to do if a TV camera shows up? Do you have a rapid response protocol? Have you created the architecture for a “dark” crisis web page so you can immediately and frequently post updated information?

We’ll work alongside you to provide counsel, address the issue and find the right approach to move forward – all with complete confidentiality. We prepare your spokespeople and help you effectively communicate with the media, your internal and external audiences and represent your organization in the best possible way.

What we can help with:

  • Customer service issues, digital attacks and social media crisis response
  • Environmental issues, bomb threats, utility failures
  • Cybersecurity and corporate cyber-bullying
  • Bankruptcies, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions
  • Government investigations
  • HR issues, whistle-blowers, disgruntled workforce
    • Product recalls and quality issues
    • Union negotiations, labor strikes and work stoppages

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