As a data-driven agency, we focus on measuring what matters. While vanity metrics (impressions and likes) are a component of our reports, we’ll never claim success from a spike in impressions or an increase in page likes. That’s just scratching the surface. We work with our clients to develop performance goals and objectives that not only show real progress but also align with their overall organization goals, guiding the development of impactful programming that “moves the needle.”

We believe the key to successful programming is continual optimization, which is why we review our clients’ strategies on a quarterly basis (at the minimum). If something isn’t working, we’ll know this from the data – and we’ll make recommended adjustments based on what we’re seeing. Conversely, we’ll continually dissect our most impactful campaigns to better understand why and how we can build on successes.

Through a variety of tools and technology that we’ve invested in, along with qualitative analysis that helps paint the picture, we’ll analyze a variety of metrics and KPIs to spotlight successes and opportunities, including:

  • Media share of voice vs. competitor organizations
  • Number of media placements in targeted publications
  • Readership/viewership/listenership for media placements
  • Sentiment of media articles
  • Media coverage themes – quantity of coverage for key storylines
  • Year-over-year media coverage increase in desired topic areas
  • Social media share of voice & influence
  • Social media mentions
  • Traffic-to-lead ratios and conversion rates
  • Platform performance and engagement rates
  • Website traffic referrals from social channels and media
  • Goal conversions
  • Leads generated
  • User behavior and flow

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