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Despite the absence of once critically important in-person events and tradeshows, automotiveMastermind – an industry leader in predictive analytics and marketing solutions for dealerships and manufacturers – continually found new ways to engage dealers in 2020 through virtual webinars and robust digital resources. Headed into 2021, Mastermind was challenged to not only maintain this momentum but to once again reimagine the way the company interacts with dealers during a rapidly evolving period for the automotive retail industry.


Franco partnered with Mastermind, as well as the company’s digital advertising agency and various company subject matter experts (SMEs) to create a virtual workshop series focused on instructing dealers on how to “Crack the Code” on common dealership challenges. The goal of these multi-hour workshops is to pair hands-on tactical presentations and aspirational panel discussions to create an educational and engaging event that empowers and inspires dealers to succeed.

Leveraging our experience creating a variety of content marketing resources and webinar presentations for Mastermind, as well as our automotive media expertise and key insights from our extended Mastermind team, Franco supported integrated efforts, including:

  • Presentation Development: Franco worked with Mastermind SMEs to create the presentation and panel materials, including defining the program narrative, outline and deck creation and creative design, as well as script development and rehearsal with program presenters and panelists.
  • Media & Promotion Support: Franco pitched numerous automotive media publications and reporters to spread the word about the virtual event. Franco also worked with Mastermind to script and conceptualize branded promotional videos and graphics to be used on social media and in paid media efforts managed by Mastermind’s digital agency partners.
  • Event Support & Logistics: In addition to working with presenters and panelists leading into the workshop and on show day, Franco created run of show materials, coordinated event logistics and managed live production, fully supporting the virtual event from conceptualization to completion.
  • Playbook Content Development & Design: Franco created the content and design for a playbook that event attendees and registrants received after the event. The goal of the playbook was to follow up after the presentation with an additional piece of content to encourage participants and registrants to book a product demo.


With Franco’s support, the first Crack the Code event generated:

  • More than 2,800 unique pageviews on the event registration page
  • 804 event registrants, +268% more than the registration goal
  • 360 live attendees during the peak of the event, +400% more than the registration goal
    An average session duration of 83 minutes
  • A 45% show rate, which exceeded the 30-35% average show rate for Mastermind webinars
  • Estimated 68:1 ROI

The first virtual Crack the Code event was so successful that Mastermind plans to continue hosting a quarterly virtual workshop for the foreseeable future – including bringing the Franco team in to support various integrated communications efforts.