Brian Esterberg

Strategic Advisor

Executive Wingman

Brian Esterberg is a Franco consultant and strategic advisor specializing in the areas of automotive/mobility, corporate relations, collaboration, research, network development and technology acceleration. Prior to joining the team in 2020, Brian was a Franco client for over two years, collaborating on integrated marketing communications for the American Iron and Steel Institute where he was senior business strategist and director of automotive marketing and communications.

Brian owns his own consulting firm, BEC Strategies LLC, and is an accomplished automotive relationship and program management professional. He has extensive experience working with automakers and tier suppliers, along with advising a variety of traditional, start-up and technology companies with market trends, insights and analysis.

Brian is most enthusiastic about partnering with executives and clients to help them achieve their strategic goals. Drawing on his experience working with automakers, suppliers, agencies and associations, he brings an outsider’s perspective that’s based on his deep insider knowledge of the automotive/mobility ecosystem.

He is active with the Society of Automotive Analysts, an editorial advisor to Lightweighting World and is the former vice president, corporate relations and director, strategic program development at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) in Ann Arbor, MI.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife, Pia, who both enjoy mountain biking, traveling and spending as much time as possible in sunny San Diego. He also enjoys home renovations, landscaping and keeping up with automotive/mobility trends and innovation.