Cayce Kosch

Integrated Communications Manager

“The People Person”

Cayce Kosch is an integrated communications manager and oversees several of Franco’s consumer and professional services clients, providing counsel and acting as a trusted partner to bring a client’s vision to life. A natural leader, she empowers her team to strive for the best results possible, while quarterbacking strategy and overseeing project management.

Cayce has 10 years of experience helping companies connect to their customers through branding, communications strategy and customer experience. Her breadth of experience is one of her biggest assets. In addition to working in agencies, she has launched restaurants, overseen the creation of several hospitality brands and businesses and successfully managed a $5 million retail storefront. No matter where she goes, Cayce’s strong interpersonal skills, deep understanding of people and go-getter attitude keep her one step ahead and always evolving.

Her favorite quote is “Leaders are learners, not knowers,” by Brené Brown. It reminds her to lead with humbleness, to always ask questions and to learn from everyone around her. While most people know her for being the outgoing and social one in the group, it’s the moments of solitude and her ability to self-reflect that make Cayce a great leader and strategist. She says her best ideas usually come when she’s on a walk with her dog, Gidget, and two kids, Gideon and Cameran.

Cayce holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Oakland University, with a specialty in public relations.