Finding your niche in PR

The key to loving what you do is finding what you’re good at and matching it with what you’re passionate about. If you’re thinking about a career in PR, here are some skills any pro must have: Ability to think and write like a reporter. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, in both writing and[…]

Ethical behavior breeds PR success on many levels

Morals, principles, common sense and partnerships all share a common component – ethics. From an early age, we’re taught to play nice with others. If you wouldn’t want something done to you, don’t do it to others is a lesson we learn at a young age. Seems simple, right? It is simple, and in the[…]

5 tips to working with international clients – from time zones to translations

Thanks to the Internet, smart phones and Skype, the world is shrinking, and allowing quicker communication with people half the world away. With that, I’ve put together a few tips I’ve learned working with clients all over the world: 1.  Ask where they are.  Ask what time it is there, and write it down. Try[…]

Stop double spacing. Period

A long argument that I’ve had with other PR professionals is whether or not to double space after periods. By my writing, you can clearly tell which side of the debate I’m on. But others insist that two spaces after a period is the way to go. In the latest round of heckling, I sent[…]

Brainstorming Franco Style: Creativity, Collaboration and Candy

Coming up with a great idea – it’s harder than it sounds. On your own, the process can seem impossible. Your past experiences and background may keep you from thinking outside the box. But surrounded by creative and seasoned PR pros, the next great idea is just a brainstorm away. Great ideas have the power[…]