Detroit is a city full of opportunity

I had the privilege of attending the unveiling of Dan Gilbert’s vision for Detroit yesterday; a vision that will undoubtedly become a reality, because as Gilbert pointed out, he doesn’t have a Plan B as it would distract from Plan A. While much of what we saw was conceptual, the opportunity that exists is very[…]

Outtakes: Think it’s easy to make a video blog? Think again.

Yesterday, Dan Stocking posted a video blog about what he loves about his job. It turned out great, but he didn’t exactly nail it on his first take. The truth is, it is extremely hard to speak into a camera and hit all of your key messages seamlessly in one take without editing. Dan worked[…]

What we love about our jobs – Daniel Stocking

At Franco, our culture is based on a company-wide commitment to excellence. Excellence is more than providing a quality product; it’s much deeper than that. It’s the Franco team working in unison to achieve the best results for our clients. To attain excellence, each team member must believe in this philosophy. I believe that to[…]