Franco gives back

Giving back. Corporate responsibility. Philanthropy. I’m sure these are all words you’ve heard before. At Franco, we often help our clients identify opportunities to give back to the community. Giving back is not a requirement, but it’s the right thing to do. And we do it too. Recently, Franco helped Rebuilding Together Oakland County promote[…]

Keep your sanity (and hair) while planning an event

I love event planning. It’s an art. An event planner needs to possess certain skills to host a successful event, such as attention to detail, organization and the ability to be flexible. Out of all my job responsibilities at Franco, event planning is my favorite. I’ve planned smaller events, but never a large event for[…]

Navigate social networks with ease, even when negative comments arise

One of the primary reasons some business owners and entrepreneurs say they are hesitant to dive into social media is that they worry about being exposed to negative feedback on public networks. However, you can protect yourself, your brand and your company from experiencing social media meltdown. How do you address a negative tweet, a[…]