What it’s really like living in downtown Detroit

The conversation always starts the same. “How’s it going? Where are you living? What’s new?” The typical playing catch-up with family or friends. Then the conversation turns. They get a curious look in their eye, and appear as if they’re about to ask me something deeply personal. “Cayce, I have to ask.” They lean in[…]

Making it permanent – My experiences transitioning from intern to employee

Coming to Franco last September as an intern, I was happy to hit the ground running. Just after the Labor Day weekend, I was introduced to my colleagues as they hurried around the office, catching up from the weekend and running through their to-do lists. After getting set up and acquainted with the office and[…]

My weekend at the Special Olympics State Summer Games

Being the hyperactive, never-sit-still-kind of guy that I am, I always need something to do. On days off work at Franco Public Relations Group, you can usually find me working on cars at my family’s tire shop or in the yard doing some landscaping, but you’ll never catch me sitting around. So when this guy,[…]