Tales from the Road

Last summer I detailed my adventures with convertibles and crustaceans while driving up the New England coastline with the Haartz Corporation. Now that we are in the middle of summer, my travel plans are kicking into full swing. From coast to coast, it’s gearing up to be a busy summer. In May, Franco’s automotive team[…]

How to customize a social media strategy for your business

Most professionals don’t start the work day excited to share a post about their business on Facebook or tweet a time-saving tip. They don’t pick up a brand new product or look at a new logo for the first time and think – let’s Instagram this! That’s what social media and public relations professionals do[…]

Keyboard shortcuts you need to know

I love keyboard shortcuts. So much so that I’ll sometimes spend a few extra minutes to research if there are hotkeys for a task that I find myself repeating. Anything that will increase efficiency is a bonus in the world of PR writing and tight deadlines. It boggles my mind when I see others doing[…]