Franco Celebrates National Punctuation Day

Today is National Punctuation Day, and since punctuation is PR’s middle name – Hello, my name is… Public Punctuation Relations – the Franco team decided it would only be right to give our two cents. So, after a bit of research on how to celebrate National Punctuation day we came up with three questions to[…]

Taking the leap from journalism to PR: 4 tips that translate

Everyone finds his or her own path to the PR world. For me, the road was winding. My career began not in public relations like many of my co-workers here at Franco Public Relations Group, but in journalism. I found my way into the public relations field after more than a decade of covering news[…]

Stop double spacing. Period

A long argument that I’ve had with other PR professionals is whether or not to double space after periods. By my writing, you can clearly tell which side of the debate I’m on. But others insist that two spaces after a period is the way to go. In the latest round of heckling, I sent[…]