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Brad Pitt – the sweet smell of success

So Brad Pitt is the new Chanel No5 spokesmodel.

Is it a branding coup (or “coo,” for those who get a little wobbly kneed looking at him)? Hunky guys have shared the space with beautiful women selling various products, but, ah, a man alone with a bottle of Chanel No5. Now that’s sweet (with a hint of musk). Coco would be proud. 

Was it a strategic branding move? Time will tell if essence de Brad reinforces or enhances the brand. But, from an awareness strategy — BRILLLLLIANT! It’s big news (I’m kidding), but it is news. After all, it’s Brad Pitt.   

So, is he a good spokesmodel for the perfume?

According to various books on Coco Chanel, perfume scents traditionally were either “respectable” or “provocative,” the latter reserved for, well, women of the night, if you know what I mean. Coco wanted to create something modern, which reflected the liberated attitudes of her friends and fashion of the 1920s. And the vessel was just as important as the scent.

In a 1925 marketing brochure for Chanel No5, it stated that “… the perfection of the product forbids dressing it in the customary artifices.”

Well, that explains Brad Pitt. Not your customary perfume spokesmodel. 

And he’s also more than another pretty face. He’s the guy who supports humanitarian efforts worldwide – Doctors Without Borders, Not On Our Watch and Make Poverty History, to name a few. In the U.S. he led the creation of The Make It Right Foundation to build environmentally friendly homes in New Orleans for families devastated by Hurricane Katrina. He and Angelina Jolie also founded the Jolie-Pitt Foundation which focuses on ending poverty, protecting natural resources and conserving wildlife.

Pitt commits his money AND his time. Not your customary actor either.

So why wouldn’t he be the perfect spokesmodel. He’s already a model for good work and leveraging his fame for causes that help others.

And now he’s also going to smell really good, too!

Tres bien!

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