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Show, don’t tell: How to make media days work for clients

Since I first started working in public relations, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a plethora of culinary experts and promoting some of the most talked-about restaurants, wine bars and breweries in the area. In doing so, I’ve learned a thing or two regarding the best way to go about sharing news and information related to new chefs, brave new menus and drinks that keep customers talking and walking right back into the establishment.

Restaurant PR tends to hinge heavily on showing, rather than telling.

When our consumer clients at Franco Public Relations Group have a major announcement to share, we consider the option of a media day or press event that allows us to highlight all aspects surrounding the venue – whether that means an interior makeover, delicious new food and drinks, a chance to hear about the inspiration behind the restaurant’s concept from managers and chefs, or all of the above.

But there are a few important tips to consider when planning any media day:

(Photo by Jerry Zolynsky | On Location Photography) The team celebrates after a successful media day at Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit. Marie Stawasz, Franco Public Relations Group assistant account executive (from left), Buddy’s Pizza President Robert Jacobs, Franco Account Executive Angela Hernandez, Senior Account Executive Stephanie Casola, Buddy’s Pizza COO Wes Pikula, Marketing Director Michelle Lawton and Franco Account Manager Jim Miller worked together to recognize the first official Buddy’s Pizza Day in Detroit.

Be sure you have plenty to show and tell – A timely, news-oriented reason to host the event is crucial. Be sure to inform the press ahead of time and be prepared to offer enough reasons to convince reporters to make it part of their busy schedules.

Choose your time and day wisely – Keep it short, 1-2 hours tops, and accommodate the type of media you want to attend. Are you aiming for afternoon or evening TV newscasts? What other events are scheduled on the day you’ve chosen. Take all of this into consideration when planning – as it will impact attendance.

Consider the location – Can reporters make it to the location easily? Is there an alternate place to showcase your clients’ goods or services that makes sense or works better? It may or may not be necessary to host the event on site.

Cover all angles – In addition to sending out invitations or advisories to press, plan to photograph and cover the event on your client’s social media networks. Tweet and post on Facebook, Foursquare or Instagram to show and share information. Send photos and a post-event release to media to extend the reach of the media day long after it has ended. You’ll see – the placements and attention will keep on coming.

How do you promote your restaurant and consumer clients to best showcase their efforts, services and abilities?

Stephanie Angelyn Casola knows how to assist consumer clients who crave the spotlight. She is a senior account executive at Franco PR Group. Reach out to her at casola@franco.com, @StephCasola on Twitter or Facebook.com/StephanieAngelynCasola. Call 313.567.5048.