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Re: View Detroit – Corktown

Not only is Corktown Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, its tenants are known for putting Detroit on the national food and entertainment map. Here’s a photo* tour of the most acclaimed spots in this quaint and quirky district:

*Disclaimer: due to Michigan springtime, these photos are a bit drab…but trust me, the neighborhood is anything but.








The soup and sandwiches at Mudgie’s Deli are the bomb. Don’t believe me? Just ask…anyone. The menu is packed full of local products, organic ingredients and combinations to satisfy any diet restriction. Personal fave: Sho’Nuff. Description: house roasted turkey breast, Neuske’s nitrate free cherrywood smoked bacon, house-made strawberry cream cheese, baby spinach and Slow Jams strawberry preserves on multi-grain bread.

Train Station






Unfortunately, photos of Michigan Central Station have defined Detroit in many national publications. Symbolizing demise, ruin and neglectful management, this building has been vacant since the late-1980s but has seen some updates as of late: the installation of three windows! No one has been able to pinpoint what these “renovations” mean. Hopefully owner and transportation emperor Matty Moroun will dish soon.

Slows BBQ








Oh Slows Bar BQ, you have captured the tastebuds of foodies from numerous national media outlets including the Travel Channel’s Adam Richman, The New York Times and National Geographic Traveler. I’m only somewhat ashamed to say that I’ve only ever ordered the Yardbird. It is the BEST sandwich I have ever had; chicken, cheese, mushrooms and magic on Texas toast. If you haven’t been to Slows yet, go.








For me, Nemo’s is nostalgia. They make a mean (and cheap) beef patty that is the perfect complement to a pre-game brew. Bonus: shuttle service. Nestled just a few blocks from the empty lot that once was Tiger Stadium, this place used to be the go-to spot before Detroit Tiger’s games and for many still is. In my family, we stop at Nemo’s before we go to any sporting event in Detroit.

Green Dot Stables







Green Dot Stables, or GDS as we’ve nicknamed it, is a favorite after-work joint. They have amazing and weird sliders. For around $10, you can mix and match a few burgers and enjoy a local craft beer all in under 30 minutes. Must try: the Korean, PB and J and whatever the “Mystery Meat” of the day is.
So, what I’m trying to say is I really like the food Corktown has to offer. See also: Sugar House, Astro Coffee and Mercury Burger Bar.

Here’s what some notable out-of-towners have to say about Corktown:
• bon appétit: Eat, stay, drink, fuel, snack, repeat.
• Wall Street Journal: “Young entrepreneurs have homed in on Corktown’s main drag, which is now dotted with small businesses: a nationally acclaimed barbecue joint, a burger bar, a craft-cocktail nightspot and a hip coffee shop.”
• Martha Stewart online: “Today, the entire block is bustling with new businesses. Charming side streets lined with candy-colored Victorians and a vibrant food scene.”

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