Inspired by TEDxDetroit

“When you share your story in the presence of a community, you have the power to change lives.” TEDxDetroit speaker Satori Shakoor Thank you, TEDxDetroit for shining your light on the greatness of this city and our people. There is nothing like being among a group of Detroiters with good ideas and good intentions who
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Franco looks back at the 2003 Blackout in Detroit

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the 2003 Blackout that caused 50 million people across eight states and part of Canada to lose power. Here at Franco Public Relations Group, the significance of this date got us thinking about where we were at that time ­- and how far our power grid has come since
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Pat Adanti-Joy

Pat Adanti-Joy Vice President Public relations was an easy career choice for Pat as she always had an affinity for writing. The opportunity to combine that skill with the whole gamut of communications functions for various clients has rewarded her with a career in which no two days have been exactly the same. An accredited
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