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Are you ready for Facebook Graph Search?

“Find people who share your interests – Explore your world through photos – Discover restaurants,

music and more” – Graph Search information page

Yes, I followed last week’s news about Facebook’s big announcement as soon as it was made. And yes, I’ve been waiting for Facebook to catch up with the search capabilities of Twitter. So, I signed up for the beta version of Facebook’s Graph Search, and yesterday it magically appeared at the top of my Facebook page. I called Franco’s social media guru, Stephanie Casola, over immediately to walk through the brief tutorial.

The new search tool appears as a border across the top of your Facebook homepage. By clicking on any of the topics listed in the dropdown menu, Facebook auto populates and auto ranks lists based on the most popular photos and pages.

Here’s my first impression:

Pretty neat

I understand that many users are creeped out by the search capabilities because it does make stalking your friends a bit easier. Know this: nothing is available by search that you have not already made either public knowledge or open to view on your profile by your network.

I was disappointed to discover that it doesn’t allow me to search topics my friends are talking about. For instance, I wanted to know if any of my friends were going to Friday’s Detroit Red Wings game so maybe we could meet up before I headed to the Joe myself. Nope, you can’t do that. However, if enough people are talking about a given topic, and Facebook deems it worthy, it will auto populate that to appear in your newsfeed – but that’s nothing new.

There’s an upside for music lovers. I have a vast taste in music and I’m not always sure if my friends share my love for certain bands. Now, if I see a concert I want to attend but can’t think of a friend who would want to go, Facebook can point me in the right direction. All I have to do is type “friends who like Band of Horses” and BOOM! I’ve got 12 friends in the area who will go to that concert with me.

I’m anxious to see how graph search works when you “use Facebook as” a particular page you manage. It seems that it will help people more easily locate your business based on a specific topic or location, but I hope it also serves a greater function as a business tool.

Other interesting features:

  • Finding all the photos of people in your family – but you have to have populated your family list on your profile.
  • Finding all of the photos of you and another person – cool if you’re making a photo album for their birthday. Yes, I would find this useful for exactly that function.
  • Finding Facebook friends located in a given city – pretty useful if you’re going on a trip and want to meet up with people transplanted there.
  • Seeing which movies are most popular among friends – could help when you’re hitting the box office and torn on what to see.

I will say, given my brief relationship with Graph Search, I think it’s networking at its finest. Like an intricately spun spider web. It will be interesting to see how this search function expands.  Instead of just integrating profile information, It would be more useful if it brings in what people are posting.

After an initial search, your results can be refined by selecting from nearly 40 subjects using the box on the right.

Genna Young is an account executive at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at (313) 567-5014 or young@franco.com. Follow her on Twitter at@GennaYoung.