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Daily routine? No such thing in the PR world!

Ann Marie Fortunate, account executive at Franco Public Relations Group, explains how to master the non-traditional workdays in the PR world.

The day of a PR professional is not what I would call routine or predictable. Sure, we typically start the day with coffee and e-mail (or at least that’s how I prefer to start my days), but from that point forward, anything goes.

From short deadlines to executing major events, coordinating with clients half a world away to completing unpredictable projects and everything in-between, we work long hours. During those early mornings or into the late nights, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to cope:

  • Keep it clear – While exciting to plan and attend, events typically don’t take place during normal work hours. When coordinating evening events, I’ve found it is helpful to keep a (relatively) clear schedule the next day, or at least the next morning.  It allows you to catch up on e-mails and other tasks that were rescheduled while mentally (and possibly physically) recovering from the event.
  • Start early – For early morning interviews, I find it helpful to go directly to the office afterward and begin working while I’m awake and alert.  This gives you some extra time to catch-up and follow-up with media or clients and sometimes if you start early, you may be able to leave a little earlier.
  • Always available – As I’ve written previously, I’ve worked quite a bit with international clients.  This can create some challenges with coordinating time zones.  It is always important make sure we’re available for our clients – no matter where in the world they’re located.
  • Ideal workspace – It is also helpful, when working with short deadlines, to make sure you are working from the spot that allows you to be most efficient.  If you have a report due at a certain time everyday, it might be best to work from home for an hour and then head into the office.

The unpredictable, anything-but-routine aspect of our days is what most of us in the business of public relations love most about it.

What are some PR tips you’ve learned along the way? Share them in our comments section.

 Ann Marie Fortunate is an account executive at Franco Public Relations Group.  You can reach her at (313) 567-5040 or fortunate@franco.com.  Follow her on Twitter @AMFortunate.