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Detroit Design

Detroit is a hard working city, with its own highs and lows; it’s a place with fantastic roots and a true creative energy.  I dove deep in all things Detroit and within just a few months I was moving my life, design studio, and job all into Detroit. Soon after, my design adventures with Franco began just a week after I had relocated my studio and living space to Corktown via Royal Oak.  I knew Franco had a long standing relationship with the city, but little did I know how quickly this PR synergy would affect my life!

My First Design Adventure: NAIAS

I began at Franco in early November; two months shy of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) yes, the same NAIAS that our president of the United States stopped at to visit, not too bad for my first major project. The amount of work the team put into this event was both staggering and inspiring to watch and also be a part of. Just a few weeks into the project I was creating print ads, numerous graphics for social media, atrium banners, way-finding banners, and a marquee display – a whole 4,800 square feet worth of screen that would be seen on the front of Cobo Center.

During NAIAS Preview Week all of our team’s hard work paid off because as soon as you stepped off the The People Mover you were immediately surrounded by a cloud of green, blue, and steel. It was exciting seeing crowds of auto show goers walk throughout COBO letting our little green way finding banners guide them through the hallways because they stuck out like exclamation points. Our SMDI graphics were everywhere on the walls, pillars, token machines and windows, and it was very cool.

SMDI Atrium Banner Design

SMDI Atrium Banner

SMDI Wayfinding Banner Design

SMDI Wayfinding Banners

But the most rewarding moment of them all was walking outside the GMRENCEN and looking up to see that SMDI green screen I designed, now sixty times the size of the computer screen it was created on displayed on the front of COBO Center.

SMDI COBO Marquee Design


Next Up…Granite City Food & Brewery

The next big event for me was the opening of Granite City Food & Brewery in the GMRENCEN. During this opening I really got a chance to see what Franco does for our clients and how we go above and beyond to make things happen. Before the official opening date, I was given the chance to use my photography skills  to take pictures of the space for the media. Putting on that hard hat and walking through Granite City was so intriguing and just as exciting, if not more, to see those same images in the Detroit Free Press the following week.

Photographing the space was the just the start of my involvement; I was also fortunate enough to create way-finding banners, that were placed throughout the GMRENCEN, door and window graphics, kiosk marquee displays, and The 48243 IPA beer label (appropriately named after GMRENCEN’s own zip code!)

Granite City Flyer Design

Granite City Food & Brewery Beer Label Designs

As time goes on and I continue to work on projects throughout Detroit, whether it is creating social graphics for the Fisher Theatre and the upcoming performances of Matilda the Musicalor a new billboard for the The Salvation Army, I will be reminded of the strong ties that connect Franco and the city of Detroit.

Matilda the Musical Graphic Design

Matilda the Musical Graphics

In-House Designer Ashley Dupuy posing with her 48234 graphic design

Franco In-House Designer, Ashley Dupuy, Posing With Her 48234 Beer Label Graphic

Ashley DuPuy is the in-house designer at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at (313) 567-5093 or dupuy@franco.com. For more pictures of her Franco design journey follow her on Instagram @ashleyydupuy.

Franco on the Town – February Edition


February – networking, silly selfies and good food.

Some of the Franco crew getting a taste of the new Granite City Food & Brewery Detroit with lunch during mock service.

Franco at Granite City Food & Brewery Detroit


Franco team member and IABC Detroit President Elect, Andrea Kenski, grabs a selfie with a neat Mayan statue during the International Association of Business Communicators Leadership Institute in Los Angeles.

Andrea Kenski IABC President


Joe Ferlito (back row center) at a private event for STEM-students at the Michigan Science Center to discuss STEM-related careers in racing and promote Comerica Bank Free Prix Day.

Joe Ferlito Michigan Science Center STEM Presentation


Sasha, Sarah, Ashley, Lori, Joe and Marie grab a quick lunch at the new Granite City Food & Brewery Detroit.

Franco Team at Granite City Detroit


Ann Marie (left corner) represents Franco at the Wayne State PRSSA LinkedIn/resume building panel discussion and workshop.

Ann Marie Fortunate Wayne State PRSSA Resume Workshop

Photo credit: Christiana Lumaj, Wayne State PRSSA

Service Spotlight – Influencer Relations: Tips for Working with Bloggers – Part 2

If you missed the first part in this series, we reviewed influencer programs and how to find influencers for your client campaigns. You can read more here.

As a blogger myself (check me out at Detroit Duchess), I’ve been on the other side of a blogger campaign and have seen both good and bad programs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are working with bloggers:

Develop a relationship

Familiarize yourself with the bloggers you are pitching. Read their blog and pay attention to what they like and dislike. Most bloggers are doing this as a hobby and also have a day job, so make it worth their while to come to an event or write a post by appealing to their content and audience.

Be clear on your expectations

The best campaigns are the ones where a blogger knows when the post is due and exactly what they have been asked for. Many times if you don’t spell it out you will have a great event and nobody will post about it…because you didn’t ask them to. Don’t be afraid to invite bloggers to attend an event in exchange for a post or social media promotion.

Be prepared

Bloggers love when an organization sends all of the information prior to the event and it results in more social media love. Make sure that bloggers have details like your website link, social media pages and relevant hashtags easily accessible. The last thing you want is for influencers to tag the wrong page or not mention your organization at all. We recently worked with bloggers for a special luncheon prior to Granite City Food & Brewery’s grand opening in Northville. You can follow some of the pictures on Twitter and Instagram using #GCNorthville. Here is an example:

Trio of desserts. Creme Brule, Mini Brownie and Mini Cookie Sundaes #Foodie #SugarRush #GCNorthville

A photo posted by Gwendolyn Mulholland (@jaymesmommy2004) on

Think like a photographer

Keep in mind your bloggers will need pictures. If your event is going to be dark and you are showcasing specific products or food, you might plan to have bloggers in a well-lit area before or after the event starts so they can get high-quality photos. If you are inviting them to an event, make sure that they are sitting in a place where they have a good view for pictures. If this isn’t feasible, make sure to provide pictures after the event.

Provide a gift bag

Just like you provide a press kit for media, you can do the same for bloggers. You might also think about giving them branded swag or something to give away on their blog or social media channels which will only help you extend the life of your campaign. For the Granite City event, we included a media kit (with menus), a membership card, growler and a gift card that the blogger could give away to their readers.

GC Mug

Have you worked with bloggers before? What lessons have you learned?

Elizabeth Robbins-Sabourin is an account manager at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at (313) 567-5029 or sabourin@franco.com. Follow her on Twitter @DetroitDuchess.