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Service Spotlight – Influencer Relations: Tips for Working with Bloggers – Part 2

If you missed the first part in this series, we reviewed influencer programs and how to find influencers for your client campaigns. You can read more here.

As a blogger myself (check me out at Detroit Duchess), I’ve been on the other side of a blogger campaign and have seen both good and bad programs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are working with bloggers:

Develop a relationship

Familiarize yourself with the bloggers you are pitching. Read their blog and pay attention to what they like and dislike. Most bloggers are doing this as a hobby and also have a day job, so make it worth their while to come to an event or write a post by appealing to their content and audience.

Be clear on your expectations

The best campaigns are the ones where a blogger knows when the post is due and exactly what they have been asked for. Many times if you don’t spell it out you will have a great event and nobody will post about it…because you didn’t ask them to. Don’t be afraid to invite bloggers to attend an event in exchange for a post or social media promotion.

Be prepared

Bloggers love when an organization sends all of the information prior to the event and it results in more social media love. Make sure that bloggers have details like your website link, social media pages and relevant hashtags easily accessible. The last thing you want is for influencers to tag the wrong page or not mention your organization at all. We recently worked with bloggers for a special luncheon prior to Granite City Food & Brewery’s grand opening in Northville. You can follow some of the pictures on Twitter and Instagram using #GCNorthville. Here is an example:

Trio of desserts. Creme Brule, Mini Brownie and Mini Cookie Sundaes #Foodie #SugarRush #GCNorthville

A photo posted by Gwendolyn Mulholland (@jaymesmommy2004) on

Think like a photographer

Keep in mind your bloggers will need pictures. If your event is going to be dark and you are showcasing specific products or food, you might plan to have bloggers in a well-lit area before or after the event starts so they can get high-quality photos. If you are inviting them to an event, make sure that they are sitting in a place where they have a good view for pictures. If this isn’t feasible, make sure to provide pictures after the event.

Provide a gift bag

Just like you provide a press kit for media, you can do the same for bloggers. You might also think about giving them branded swag or something to give away on their blog or social media channels which will only help you extend the life of your campaign. For the Granite City event, we included a media kit (with menus), a membership card, growler and a gift card that the blogger could give away to their readers.

GC Mug

Have you worked with bloggers before? What lessons have you learned?

Elizabeth Robbins-Sabourin is an account manager at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at (313) 567-5029 or sabourin@franco.com. Follow her on Twitter @DetroitDuchess.

Service Spotlight: Influencer Relations – Part 1

Call it what you will – native advertising, pay-to-play, brand ambassadors or word-of-mouth marketing, but there’s no denying influencer relations is a powerful marketing tool. According to a recent Forbes article, “Businesses make $6.50 for every dollar invested in influencer marketing.” I don’t know about you, but in my book that is a slam dunk in terms of ROI. I can’t think of anything else that gives you a 650 percent return on investment, can you?

Businesses are making $6.50 for every $1

What is an influencer program?

This type of marketing dates back to the old PR adage about third party endorsements. It’s not enough to say great things about your brand or product; you need other people to endorse you as well. This is one of the basic tenants of public relations and influencer programs can help take that a step further.

Influencer programs can take many shapes and are completely customizable to your client or product. They can include inviting bloggers to a restaurant soft opening, sending people products to review, inviting niche influencers to a VIP experience or paying influencers to create content on behalf of your brand. Influencer programs are also great to help seed new content. For example, say your brand has a small social media following, but you want to launch a contest. Why not work with influencers to help promote the contest for you? They can reach a broader audience and help share your message.

How to find influencers

Once you decide to launch an influencer campaign, you have to find the right influencers to help promote your message. There are a number of different ways to do that depending on the type of campaign. For larger brands and campaigns you can work with an influencer network like Tap Influence or Clever Girls Collective. These companies find influencers for you based on your target audience and desired reach. They are responsible for contacting each influencer, managing the program, following up with influencers and taking responsibility for payment. This makes it easy and turnkey especially if you have a lot of moving parts to your campaign.

You may also have a niche campaign where you are looking for a specific type of influencer. Franco worked with a niche blogging group in February for a campaign with the Steel Market Development Institute  (SMDI). SMDI was sponsoring the Folds of Honor QuikTrip at the Atlanta Motor Speedway  and was trying to plug into the racing audience.

folds of honor

Franco recommended an influencer program to invite people to the race and educate them about the benefits of steel. Since Folds of Honor is an organization that supports military families, we focused on that audience for the program. Enter MSB New Media, an influencer network for military wives with a fantastic reach in a niche audience. We also launched a #StrongLikeSteel photo contest to engage the military audience at this event. You can read more about the campaign here.

Strong Like Steel Graphic-compressed

Stay tuned for the second part of this series where I share my tips for working with influencers.

Elizabeth Robbins-Sabourin is an account manager at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at (313) 567-5029 or sabourin@franco.com. Follow her on Twitter @DetroitDuchess.