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You want to do what? Is that even possible?

Me: Let’s create a Kid Rock pizza with his Badass beer, and have an official day created for Buddy’s Pizza.

Client: That’s a great idea, but can we do that?

Me: Why not?!


  • Kid Rock approved a Badass Detroiter Buddy’s Pizza.
  • Kid Rock was spotted wearing a Buddy’s Badass Pizza shirt on the JumboTron at a Detroit Lions game and in the liner notes for his Rebel Soul album.
  • The City of Detroit deemed June 23 as Detroit Buddy’s Pizza Day.
  • Local and national media coverage of the Kid Rock pizza.
  • Increased consumer interest to visit Buddy’s original Detroit location to try the Kid Rock pizza.

Hello, I’m a Seven, and I’m here to provide big ideas.

What’s a Seven, you ask? Well, when I took an Enneagram personality assessment with the staff of Franco Public Relations Group, I was, without a doubt, a Type Seven, The Enthusiast, which can be spontaneous, versatile, acquisitive, and very positive. Great. So now that you know I’m a Seven, what does it mean to you?

Franco’s Jim Miller explains Enneagram.

You may have noticed that we all have different personalities. The Enneagram is a useful tool to help identify not only your personality, but how
to recognize and interact with other personalities.

The Enneagram describes nine different world views, which you can learn more about by visiting this Huffington Post article by Karen Leland. There are a variety of questionnaires, which can help you begin to determine your style. The WEPSS and
IEQ are two of the most accurate to consult. Enneagram can be very useful in business to increase emotional intelligence and understand how different styles complement one other.

For instance, when I (a Type Seven) interact with a Type Six personality (Loyalist) it’s important for me to recognize that the Type Six approaches situations with a tactical mindset, while a Seven presents the big ideas and possibilities. A Six can bring balance to a Seven by providing some reality to the big ideas.

Let’s face it, Kid Rock isn’t always going to be willing to be part of some big idea, and that’s when a Six may offer a more realistic approach.

Valerie Atkin, founder, of Wells Street Consulting says, “If you are interested in a quick assessment that identifies behavior, any system will do. If you are interested to learn more about how you develop the strategies that may no longer be effective and what holds them in place, the Enneagram is for you. Identifying your Enneagram style increases your self-awareness and offers a development map for growth. Working with it will increase your level of compassionate understanding for others (and yourself), and significantly increase your effectiveness as a leader, team member, salesperson, or parent.”

Well, I’m off to share some big ideas and figure out how to get a hippo in a hot air balloon… or not. We’ll see what my Type Six co-worker has to say about it.

Jim Miller is a publicist at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach him at (313) 567-5029 or miller@franco.com. Follow him on
Twitter at @JimMiller76.