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Surprises Learned from Working in the GM Renaissance Center

The GM Renaissance Center is big – it’s the largest building in the City of Detroit, is headquarters to one of the world’s largest automakers, houses a number of other businesses (including Franco Public Relations Group) and has more than 11,000 employees pass in and out of its doors every day. There are a few things I’ve discovered since I started working here in August 2011.

I remember being excited about the prestige of working in one of Detroit’s iconic buildings. I also remember being concerned about the size of the building and the number of people here and how that would affect my commute.  A big concern was the time it would take to get from my car up to the tenth floor of the 400 tower. I was really grateful when I discovered how efficient the building is for tenants – we have special access to elevators and can make it in the building and upstairs in about five minutes.

It’s like a small village. From shops, banks, restaurants, bars, clinics, daycare facilities, a salon and a post office – and, should you want to explore the city – there’s a People Mover Station and great spots like Greektown and Campus Martius are a short walk away. You also never know who you run into – I have bumped into a number of friends and relatives who work here. People I see regularly and others who I haven’t seen in years.

And when you need a break there are lots of places to discover inside and outside the building. From an ice cream break in the Wintergarden to the Riverwalk; both are an excellent way to take a few minutes away from your desk.

Have you worked in the GM Renaissance Center? What surprised you most about the building?

Ann Marie Fortunate is a senior account executive at Franco Public Relations Group.  You can reach her at (313) 567-5040 or fortunate@franco.com.  Follow her on Twitter @AMFortunate.