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Being Fashionable When Writing for the Internet

Andrea wearing one of her favorite hats, a fedora. Different writing styles are comparable to different types of hats.

I’ve always been interested in fashion. Mainly accessories: scarves, shoes, hats. My collection of hats has grown considerably over the years. I wear fedoras, baseball caps, berets, and my favorites, “writing hats.” These are the “hats” you wear when writing for different mediums. Their styles are different. You have APA, MLA, AP, broadcast writing, etc. Writing for the internet is distinctive as well.

I learned this during one semester at Eastern Michigan University, I took three writing classes – broadcast, research and public relations. For each class I had to remember to wear a different writing hat. At times I would get confused and write 1,044 instead of one-thousand-forty-four in my broadcast writing class.

I took my hats with me to my first day of my internship at a digital media agency. I was assigned to write a client blog utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). I failed miserably; I didn’t know how to write for the internet. The blog was too long, didn’t contain enough links and didn’t have enough search terms. I wore the wrong hat.

I’ve learned a lot since then.  Here are a few tips on writing for the internet:

  • Think how you would search for something. Chances are if you are searching “calico cat for sale in Royal Oak,” someone else is too. Use those keywords in your blog. For example, “When looking for a calico cat for sale in Royal Oak, it’s best to check out local pet shelters.”
  • Utilize websites such as Google KeyWord tool to see how often search terms are used and then use them in your blog post. Using the KeyWord tool, search generic terms and it will generate a list of most commonly used search terms. You can then use those exact search terms in your blog to increase SEO.
  • Be short and sweet. A blog should be around 200-500 words. No one wants to read War and Peace online.
  • Optimize your title tags and meta-descriptions by using your keyword search terms in them.

Using these tips will increase your web presence and your rankings on Google. No one will read your blog if you can’t be found.

What tips do you find useful when writing for the internet? Let me know.

Andrea Kenski is an account executive at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at (313) 567-5092 or kenski@franco.com. You can also follow her on Twitter: @detroitcitygrrl.