Giant Turkeys and Lukken’s – Here’s How Franco Does the Holidays

Each family celebrates the holidays in their own, unique (sometimes out-there) way. Here’s how some of our Franco team rings in the yuletide season with their loved ones. Stephanie Angelyn Casola, Account Manager Pasta! Is that a tradition? It was if you grew up in the Casola household. The holiday didn’t matter, one thing was[…]

Franco by the Hour: PR Pros take on events from Detroit to San Antonio

As public relations professionals we are often misunderstood. It’s a topic we discuss often at Franco Public Relations Group and among our peers. Our family members and friends inquire about what we do all day. They don’t understand our unusual hours. They wonder why we seem to know the names of all of the TV[…]

PR Pros On-The-Go Stay Organized with These Mobile Apps

If you’ve spent much time in PR or social media you know the importance of organization all-too well. Life in PR moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while – your client could miss a great press opportunity. All apologies to Ferris Bueller, the truth is, staying organized is[…]

How to customize a social media strategy for your business

Most professionals don’t start the work day excited to share a post about their business on Facebook or tweet a time-saving tip. They don’t pick up a brand new product or look at a new logo for the first time and think – let’s Instagram this! That’s what social media and public relations professionals do[…]

Detroit Bar City: Esquire’s honor is liquid gold, no surprise to this PR pro

While the news came with much fanfare and excitement, I wasn’t exactly surprised to hear Detroit had been dubbed the Bar City of the Year by renowned cocktail writer David Wondrich at Esquire magazine. After all, the city that spawned classic cocktails like The Last Word and where speakeasies dared defy Prohibition laws in the[…]

Love your job: A Franco Valentine to the PR industry today

Long before joining Franco Public Relations Group, reflecting back to my college days, my father gave me a piece of professional advice I’ve always held dear. “Do something you love,” he said. “That way you’ll always be happy.” He was a hard worker, who devoted his life to a career in the auto industry. He[…]

Holiday season means more media attention for PR professionals, clients

We can all associate the changing seasons to some of our favorite products (pumpkin spice latte, anyone?)  and fondest memories (cider mills and hayrides!).  And while the holidays mean busy social calendars, they also offer the opportunity for businesses to engage consumers, and to land some great media coverage – if they plan ahead. That’s[…]

Navigate social networks with ease, even when negative comments arise

One of the primary reasons some business owners and entrepreneurs say they are hesitant to dive into social media is that they worry about being exposed to negative feedback on public networks. However, you can protect yourself, your brand and your company from experiencing social media meltdown. How do you address a negative tweet, a[…]

Show, don’t tell: How to make media days work for clients

Since I first started working in public relations, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a plethora of culinary experts and promoting some of the most talked-about restaurants, wine bars and breweries in the area. In doing so, I’ve learned a thing or two regarding the best way to go about sharing news and information[…]