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Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by trying to contact Facebook Support. ✋ If you have ever tried to contact Facebook, you know it’s difficult to connect with a human being, and when you do, you don’t always get your questioned answered. This can lead to endless online searches and unsuccessful troubleshooting.

Good news – help is here! Our team has done the research and compiled this guide of some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions on a variety of issues you may run into with your Facebook Business Page.

Let’s dive in.

Help! My Facebook Business Page has been hacked.

Losing access to your Facebook Business Page is beyond stressful. Since business pages must be linked to a personal Facebook account – belonging to an admin of the page – your personal information could also be at risk. Your page may have been hacked if you notice:

  • Your email or password has been changed
  • Your name or birthday has been changed
  • Friend requests have been sent to people you don’t know
  • Messages have been sent that you didn’t write
  • Posts have been made that you didn’t create

If you notice any of these activities on your account that you do not recognize, there are several steps you should take. First, check with anyone else on the account who has admin privileges and see if they are responsible for any of these activities. If they aren’t, anyone with admin privileges should immediately change their email and Facebook passwords.

Next, see who gained access to your account by checking Page Roles in your Business Manager account. If you notice anyone who shouldn’t have admin privileges, they should be immediately reported. If you run ads on the account, you should have payment information removed so it’s not compromised.

Finally, there are several links you can utilize to report the issue to Facebook:

Keep in mind this process can be lengthy, so it’s important to keep your account secure while navigating your way through it. Continue to monitor your account’s activity very closely so no further unauthorized activity occurs.

My Facebook Page has been taken down. How do I get it back?

Much like having your account hacked, having your page taken down suddenly is just as alarming. There are a variety of reasons why Facebook might take down your page, ranging from going against their community guidelines to issues with page admins. Specific reasons include:

  • Not all admins of your Page have authentic profiles.
  • Your Page has admins who went against Facebook’s Community Standards.
  • Your Page has a misleading name.
  • Your Page posts content that may mislead people who like or follow your Page.
  • The content posted on your Page goes against Facebook’s hate speech policies
  • Your Page has severely or repeatedly violated Facebook’s Ads Policies.

If you think your page has been taken down by mistake, there is a way to contact Facebook to make your case. You will have to provide Facebook with your login information along with the Facebook IDs of everyone on the page. Visit this link to fill out the form.

Why isn’t my Facebook Page appearing in search results?

After you create your business page, one of the immediate next steps is seeing if it appears in search results. But what if it doesn’t? If you’re not seeing your new page appear in search, make sure you’ve checked the following boxes when creating the page:

  • Your Page doesn’t have age or country restrictions.
  • Your Page is published.
  • Your Page has a profile picture, cover photo and an action button.
  • You’ve added basic info to the About section of your Page.

A new business page can take several days to start appearing in search results. Remind your team to have patience before panicking.

Why are my Facebook Ad metrics not adding up?

After creating your business page you’ll want to monitor the page’s performance, which can be done with the Facebook pixel. (Visit this link to learn how to set up your Facebook Business Page’s pixel.) After your pixel is in place and your first ad is created, you can start to track performance. But what if your ad metrics don’t seem to add up? Here are a few reasons these numbers may be off:

  • Your report includes unique metrics AND you are comparing results at different levels in the campaign structure
  • Your metrics may be based on sampled data
  • Your reports aren’t counting deleted ad sets or ads

You may also find your metric results aren’t adding up with third-party reporting tools. The use of people-based measurements, the ability to attribute conversions to impressions and the use of aggregated reporting could be causing third-party metric discrepancies.

It’s important to have your page’s performance properly tracked because that’s how you grow your page and your business. So, it’s imperative to make sure your pixel and metrics are set up correctly from the very start.

When in doubt, look to your digital agency partners for support

Managing your Facebook Business Page(s) and Facebook advertising can be a full-time job. If you find the workload is overwhelming, leaning on a trusted digital partner can help relieve this pressure. Since the back end of Facebook is ever-changing, it can be helpful to have outside support from experts who are constantly adapting with the changing landscape to ensure your online presence and digital advertising performance is constantly optimized and operating successfully.

Still have questions? We promise you’re not alone, and it’s not a lost cause! Our digital team is well-versed in the world of Facebook and can ensure you always have access to reliable support. Contact us to learn more about how we support clients with a variety of digital programs.