Cyber Shot is a reminder of how much we’ve evolved

I received a cyber flash-from-the-past a few months back via a former colleague who posted a photo on Facebook from one of my earliest jobs in public relations. There was a fresh-faced me among my PR Associates co-workers atop downtown Detroit’s Penobscot Building in a promotional image that would accompany an article touting our firm’s[…]

Joe Ferlito’s series of unusual PR experiences: Part 4

Taking PR to new heights We’ve established that there is no such thing as a typical day in PR, but Jim Miller’s unusual experiences take unusual to a new level, literally. At his previous agency, Jim worked with the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters & Millwrights. One of the projects they were promoting was work[…]

Mom, PR Professional, Robot

A friend recently called me a robot. After being slightly offended, I sat back and actually thought about it. She was right. I am a robot. I am scheduled, disciplined, regimented and extremely organized, and, like a robot, I follow the very same patterns every day. As a PR professional at Franco Public Relations Group[…]

Yoga: A great stress reliever for the public relations professional recently released its latest jobs survey, including the top 10 most and least stressful jobs. Public relations came in at number five under most stressful. This isn’t surprising. As a PR professional, I know that some days are very stressful and I need to be flexible. Jumping from a phone call to an e-mail[…]

Motown Winter Blast inspires Franco to make the best s’mores in Detroit

At Franco Public Relations Group, we’re a short walk away from the festivities planned for this year’s Motown Winter Blast. Among them downtown Detroit visitors will be able to roast marshmallows of course. In celebration, we’re showing off our s’mores skills in the Franco kitchen to find out how to perfect this campfire favorite. Thank[…]

Choose your work commitments wisely

The benefits of getting involved with or serving on the board of a professional or community organization are well known. You can expand your network, gain experience, improve professional skills and provide service to others. Check out Laurie Cohen’s post on Brazen Careerist about the career benefits associated with professional involvement and tips on how to[…]