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Taking PR to new heights

We’ve established that there is no such thing as a typical day in PR, but Jim Miller’s unusual experiences take unusual to a new level, literally.

At his previous agency, Jim worked with the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters & Millwrights. One of the projects they were promoting was work on a silo in Detroit.

Public Relations professionals take their work to great heights, as this scaffolding implies. Photo courtesy of

“The construction work was being done on the top of a 100-foot-tall silo along the Detroit River,” he said. “I had to climb scaffolding to the top to capture photos of the workers. The view was so amazing that I took advantage of it and took some other fun photos while I had the opportunity.”

Jim also had the chance to visit the Book Cadillac renovation project as it was just getting started to photograph the construction members working on the job.

“I rode the construction elevator on the exterior of the Book Cadillac. It went from street level to the rooftop.  It was a long way up. I toured through the entire building from the roof back down to street level taking photos of the construction members. I had to watch where I stepped because there were holes that went down through multiple floors.”

At Franco, we all try to go “above and beyond” for our clients, but Jim literally did. He put his client’s first, even if it involved dangerous situations. Okay, maybe that’s going too far, but he says he’d do it all over again if he had the chance.

What unusual experiences have you had in your career? Share them in our comments section.

Joe Ferlito is an Account Director and Director of Operations at Franco.

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