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50 Reasons why we love the D

The D. Motown. Detroit Rock City. The Motor City. D-Town. The 313.

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No matter what you call it, Detroit is my city. When I was growing up, my parents would drive my sister and I downtown to experience the arts, culture and sports thriving in our city. From Red Wings and Tigers games to The Marriage of Figaro and meals at the New Parthenon in Greektown, we were always in the D. I made a ton of Detroit memories long before I dreamt of working in the Ren Cen.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share why I love the city:

1.  We’re a comeback city. An understanding of your roots is the first step to a brighter tomorrow. Detroit was founded on industry, and today we not only acknowledge our past, we continue to grow and evolve it, shaping our city’s future.
2. Arts and culture are thriving. From the Detroit Historical Society and Detroit Institute of Arts to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and MOCAD, no matter where you look the city’s community of urban artists, hipsters, residents and business professionals, can be found celebrating Detroit’s rebirth through creativity.
3. Opening Day Tigers baseball is practically a citywide holiday. All Detroiters LOVE Tigers baseball. Come downtown on opening day and you’ll see the city at its finest. People of all walks of life can be found eating, drinking and being merry throughout the day. It’s like Christmas.
4. There ain’t no eats, like Detroit eats. All you need to know about the food scene is always get your coneys at Lafayette and eat your pizza square. Just kidding – Detroit’s dining scene is way more complex than that, but definitely choose Lafayette Coney Island and Buddy’s Pizza when in doubt.
5. Detroiters are genuine. There’s no sugar coating it. Detroiters have been through a lot. From the country’s largest municipal bankruptcy and economic recessions, Detroiters have learned how to cope with difficult situations with maturity and a matter of fact attitude. Ask us what we think – we’ll tell you the truth.

That just barely scratches the surface of why I love Detroit, but I thought it’d be fun to find out some of reasons my colleagues love the D too. Here’s a glimpse of what some of them had to say:

Patricia Adanti-Joy, vice president
6. The view of the Detroit River from my 400 tower, 10th floor, Renaissance Center office.
7. The excitement of driving onto and around Belle Isle Park in my work with the Belle Isle Conservancy.
8. Detroit dining and entertainment staples – like Greektown, Cobo Center, London Chop House – continuing to thrive.
9. Visionaries, like Dan Gilbert and the Ilitch Family, who are doing amazing things to revitalize Detroit.
10. All the great professionals I have the privilege to work with here at Franco.

Stephanie Casola, account manager
11. The sunrise over an international riverfront every morning.
12. The ever-growing and impressive Detroit food scene. We’re so spoiled by it.
13. Detroit’s access to amazing Michigan-made craft beer.
14. It’s tenacious, creative, talented and hard-working people.
15. That it’s a city big enough to have and attract an array of culture but still small enough so you don’t feel lost in the shuffle of it all.

Elizabeth Robbins – Sabourin, account manager
16. Pewabic Pottery – My first PR job out of college was at Pewabic Pottery and it provided my Detroit education. I love taking a piece of it with me everywhere I go.
17. DeVries Cheese Shop in Eastern Market.
18. Santorini in Greektown.
19. The Sports.
20. The Old Shillelagh in Greektown.

Lauren Connor, assistant account executive
21. Our sports teams
22. Campus Martius
23. Restaurants
24. Mercury Burger Bar
25. Proximity to the riverfront

Sarah Kornacki, PR coordinator
26. There are so many pockets of culture and interest in unexpected places.
27. Wanting to improve Detroit/being proud to be a Detroiter is a well-accepted stance to take. Getting to be a part of it is really cool.
28. Graffiti art, like in Eastern Market.
29. Events like the Detroit Design Festival and the Downtown Hoedown.
30. Architecture. There’s some pretty stuff ’round here!

Joe Ferlito, account manager
31. Great Restaurants
32. Building Architecture
33. The Riverwalk/Riverfront
34. Revitalization
35. Positive News

Andrea Kenski, senior account executive
36. Detroit Tigers baseball.
37. The energy of those who live, work and play in the city of Detroit.
38. New restaurant/bar openings (almost daily, it seems).
39. Feeling like I’m playing a small part in Detroit’s comeback.
40. The awesome fact that I work in Detroit….makes me feel like a badass.

Daniel Stocking, account executive
41. Culture
42. Entertainment
43. Food
44. Architecture
45. History

Daniel Horn, account executive
46. The Innovation – The community is very supportive of local businesses with new ideas. There is such a wide variety of creative companies constantly popping up, some of which can only be found here.
47. The Music – There’s so much of it! And such a great variety. From jazz, blues and Motown to punk, electronic and rock, there are venues, artists and record stores for anyone.
48. The Food – Again, there’s a little of something for everyone. From coneys to classic Detroit pizza like Buddy’s to fine dining options, there’s enough to try something new and awesome all the time.
49. The Cars – Being a car guy, I love the automotive history of Detroit and being so close to all of the innovations in the industry.
50. The Opportunity – The city is growing, and I love seeing people stepping up to bring new people, businesses and opportunities to the area.

Why do you love Detroit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marie Stawasz is an account executive at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at (313) 567-5201 or stawasz@franco.com. Follow her on Twitter @MarieStawasz.



How to get started: Video ideas for web and social media

Businesses and organizations can effectively engage their audience by using online videos.  As Franco PR’s “video guy” I sometimes get asked by clients and colleagues what types of videos they should create. The options are endless. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

How to video

You can learn how to do pretty much anything by going to YouTube. Then practice and get your brand involved. Teach people how to use your products, how to assemble something or how to perform a task. Here’s a good example from Edsel & Eleanor Ford House.

Tell a story

People are always interested in hearing a good story. It’s even better to see a good story. Highlight a customer or employee. A heartfelt story is always a good bet as demonstrated by Stand Up To Cancer’s patient story.

New products

Create a video to promote a new product. Share its features and what’s unique about it. Apple does this for most of its new products. Here is one for the iPad mini.

Educational Video

Teach your audience something. If you’re a real estate agent, maybe it’s “red flags to look for when house hunting” (and include visual examples). Or it could be something as simple as showing people where to park in downtown Detroit.

Event Recap

Share a recap of an event with your audience. If they were unable to attend or just plain weren’t invited, they’ll appreciate an inside look at what took place. The Detroit Historical Society shared this type of video prior to the opening of Detroit Legends Plaza. Here’s Gordie Howe making a hand cast for a plaza tile..


A video tour can be a fantastic way to give your audience an inside look at a building – perfect for a historic landmark, a factory or a museum. Crain’s Detroit Business created this tour of the Detroit Historical Museum after a renovation.

If a photo speaks 1,000 words, a video can be worth at least twice that. Give it a try and let us know how it works out.

Joe Ferlito is a senior account executive at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach him at (313) 567-5031 or ferlito@franco.com.


Franco PR Competes in Detroit 313 Trivia

Did you know the Belle Isle Aquarium opened in 1904? Or that Stevie Wonder has more Grammy awards than Aretha Franklin? I didn’t, until last night. The Franco Five (pictured at left: Ann Marie, Andrea, Lori and Lori’s daughter Michelle, and me) represented the agency at Detroit 313 Trivia at the Hard Rock Cafe Detroit (client). Among the facts we aced: Al Kaline was the first Detroit Tiger to have his number retired, and The Temptations were originally called The Primes, and of course, Kid Rock’s birth name is Robert Ritchie.

In addition to fun facts about the city we love, we enjoyed fabulous drink specials and sampled the Hard Rocks’ new menu. And while we didn’t take first place (or second or third for that matter!), we had a blast testing our Detroit pop culture knowledge. And it was all for a great cause. Funds raised (there was a suggested $10 donation to register) will support the Detroit Historical Society’s (client) $20.1 million Past>Forward campaign, funding new and expanded exhibits, technology upgrades, educational offerings and enhancements at the Detroit Historical Museum, Dossin Great Lakes Museum and the Detroit Historical Society Collection.

The next Detroit 313 Trivia event is Wednesday, April 4. To register, visit this page. Or just come out and cheer us on, because we’ll be back.

Want to help us study for the next event? Leave us a comment with your favorite Detroit pop culture factoid!

Tina Kozak is senior vice president of Franco Public Relations Group. She can be reached at kozak@franco.com or connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter @tinakozak. Connect with Franco PR Group on Facebook and Twitter @FrancoPRGroup.