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How do you view success?

While this question prompts different responses, it really made me reflect last month when I was invited to speak at ‘A Taste of Success,’ an inspiring breakfast event hosted by Life Remodeled to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Along with nine impressive female leaders, I traveled to Durfee Innovation Society. Together we attempted to answer this question and hopefully instilled a sense empowerment and possibility in the young girls who attended from Durfee Middle School, Central High School and Job Corps.

I brought two powerful young women along with me, Franco PR Coordinator Tracy Sanfilippo and my fourth-grade daughter and aspiring entrepreneur Ana.

The future is female.

At ‘A Taste of Success,’ I had the chance to meet with future female leaders to talk about business, success and authenticity. The idea was to expose the girls to successful women from a variety of career fields. And I wasn’t alone.

Other accomplished speakers included Melissa Butler of Lip Bar, Sarah Marshall of Infinite Hair Growth, Erin Rue a.k.a. DJ Rue, Lenise McWhorter of Community Impact FCA, Kim Uhuru the Attorney Grievance Commission, Jhonika Hawkins of the Detroit Pistons Foundation, Holly Kinnear of Taubman, and Katherine McGerty of ISCG.

Talk about girl power.

Fight like a girl.

In an open Q&A-style panel discussion moderated by Latonya Garth of Imagine Mentoring Program, we offered up our best life and career advice to motivate the girls to create their own future. From our biggest challenges to career-defining moments, we shared real stories from our journeys so far.

We watched this video together for inspiration, then talked about what it means to do things #LikeAGirl, meaning girls can achieve anything and we shouldn’t shrink our dreams to fit someone else’s expectations. These young women understood the limitless possibilities ahead of them, something that fuels me and gives me so much hope for our future.

So how do you view success?

This thought-provoking question will continue to earn a wide-range of answers, but hopefully it has inspired the young female students to consider what they want out of life.

I for one feel successful when I face the day head-on and work until I feel like I accomplished something at the end of the day. ‘A Taste of Success’ satisfied this feeling because it allowed me the opportunity to give back by connecting with young girls in a professional environment.

In order to help one another become successful, we must cheer on our fellow females, which is exactly what we did with Life Remodeled. And to me, there is nothing more rewarding.

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Tina Kozak leads Franco as president. Contact her at [email protected], or @tinakozak.