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Six decades of Franco means there are six decades of stories worth celebrating. As part of our year-long 60th anniversary celebration, we’re spotlighting Franco alumni who have helped shape our agency and are making waves in their current roles and communities. 

Ann Marie Fortunate, media relations and content manager for manufacturing and labor at Stellantis, is our next Franco alumni spotlight! Ann Marie lives in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, and in her role at Stellantis, she supports external communications for the U.S. focused on manufacturing and labor relations.  

Ann Marie spent over a decade at Franco, starting as an account executive in 2011 and continuing through 2022 as a director of communications. Throughout her time at Franco, she led global accounts across automotive, technology and manufacturing industries, including Haartz, Denso, ITC Holdings and Nexteer.  

Her passion for media relations and the B2B industry began during her time at Franco and led her toward the next phase of her career journey at a multinational automotive manufacturing company.  

Learn more about Ann Marie’s experience at Franco and how it helped shape her into the professional she is today.  

What is your favorite memory from your time at Franco?

It’s hard to choose just one, so I’ll choose three. First are the auto shows. It took a lot of hard work, creativity and long hours to get there, but once we rolled into Cobo (Huntington Place now), it was so rewarding to see everything come together. By far the coolest was working media days at Michigan International Speedway — being in the room for press conferences with the NASCAR drivers and watching all the time trials. Third is definitely launching aftermarket Apple Car Play with Alpine during a ride and drive on the Pacific Ocean.

What about your experience at Franco makes you more effective in your current role?

Having multiple clients with different strategies and different goals helped prep me for working at Stellantis. While I work in a corporate setting, there are many different clients there who all are working toward the same goal. I also think brainstorming for new business helps keep you on top of new trends and constantly thinking of new, creative ideas.

Describe your biggest learning moment while working at Franco.

Traveling with clients to various media events was a defining moment. Not only are you present nearly 24/7 with your clients and are able to build a deeper connection with them, but you get to do the same with media. It helped me build confidence throughout my career at Franco and is helping me in my current role. 

What did you enjoy most about working at Franco?

Definitely the people. I made some lifelong friends

What do you feel makes Franco stand out from other agencies?

Franco stands out because they live their values each and every day. They bring those to each task and when there are difficult decisions to be made, they rely on them. The experience of the team also helps them stand out from other agencies — from former journalists, social media experts and event specialists, they have a complete mix to support their clients. 

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