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After an eventful year full of growth, we’re celebrating all the ways we’ve continued to move forward throughout this past year. Check out what New Year’s resolutions Franconians are focused on in 2019.

Franconian’s Resolutions:

“I’m changing up my morning routine to be more consistent – and I’m getting started on it now, rather than later.” – Digital Account Executive Geoffrey Geist

“I’d like to make an effort to read more. I didn’t spend as much time reading this year as I would have liked. Additionally, I want to be more actively involved in the organizations I volunteer with outside of work. Instead of simply showing up once or twice a year for events, I’d like to put more effort into planning the events and helping them run smoothly.” – Account Executive Randy Pilon

“To be more rigorous in my design review process.” – Senior Designer Ashley Dupuy

“I’m looking to live more in the present.” – Digital Account Executive James Wilson

“I’d like to spend more time giving back to my community.” – Senior Account Executive Lauren Connor

“Go up north and see my daughter more.” – Office Manager Lori Cook

“To continue staying hydrated and be more active.” – Senior Account Executive Erica Swoish Harmon

“Spend less money at Starbucks.” – Assistant Account Executive Maddie Barnes

“In college, I was very volunteer-focused at Central Michigan University. Ever since I graduated a year and a half ago that part of my life has faded a bit, but I’m excited to volunteer more in 2019. For me, volunteering is part of internal reflections and being an active member of my community.” – Account Executive Dana Blankenship

“By the end of 2019 I would like to do one pull-up.” – Digital Account Executive Lexi Trimpe

“I want to travel more in 2019, and start planning some major trips for the following year. There’s still so much of the world I have yet to see!” – Senior Account Executive Megan Bonelli

“I want to be more intentional about taking time for myself.” – PR Coordinator Samantha Meyer

“I’m fired up to enter my sixth year of blogging at next year and want to spend more time updating my site. Part of that includes learning PhotoShop and Illustrator so I can do my own photography and design work.”– Account Director Elizabeth Robbins-Sabourin

Here’s to a year full of continued progress, happiness and prosperity. Cheers!