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Franco developed and implemented a strategic product launch for DESῙN’s revolutionary dining companion, Obi™, a robotic device for people who require feeding assistance.


Spotlighting the device’s innovative application of personal robotics, Franco’s public relations strategy combined a highly targeted individual media pitch with a widely distributed multi-media news release that featured content and imagery positioning Obi as a forerunner of the personal robotics wave.  Key messaging and media materials emphasized Obi’s combination of powerful functionality with the design and capabilities users expect of personal technology. They also showcased test user quotes and testimonials to underscore Obi’s life-changing benefits.


Within three weeks of the Obi product launch media announcement, the multi-media news release was viewed by 250 unique media contacts and 500 organizational representatives. Franco tracked 40 bylined online, print and broadcast media hits, many via especially high profile outlets based in the Midwest, across the country and around the globe. Such placements include, Unilad Tech, Quartz, CNET, The Verge, Digital Trends, Now This Future, Amazon Video and Yahoo News. In addition, Obi was recognized as Innovation of the Week by ThisWeek through Franco’s initiatives.


Following the national Obi product launch, the average number of sessions on increased by more than 500 percent and the record number of sessions in a single day increased by more than 340 percent. In the first month, more than 78 percent of visitors were new to the site.