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Culture has become such a buzzword that sometimes it’s hard to understand what it means. But here at Franco, I always know what our culture means because we live it every day.

And let’s be real, if there’s any time to demonstrate your culture and values, it’s during a pandemic. Yes, we’re all our rawest selves right now: grieving the life we used to have and facing a lot of uncertainty. But in these tough times, the true colors of those in your life and the organizations you’re part shine true.

Put simply, Franco makes me very proud. We’ve been working at home for longer than any of us initially expected, and everyone cares for and is looking out for one another. I love this team. We are helping our clients pivot their operations, make events virtual, increase awareness of critical nonprofits and so much more…all while helping one another by sharing resources and ideas for clients and motivating/inspiring each other by sharing a glimpse into how we’re managing our “new normal.”

Our values make up our culture, and they’re shining through now more than ever. Franco’s values include:

Forward Motion

    • Our definition: Taking deliberate, adaptive and/or motivating actions that draw our inner spirit and tenacity in order to achieve a relevant objective, goal or vision.
    • This crazy world: We are being innovative to help our clients tell their stories, and we are helping one another to keep forging ahead during this emotional time.


    • Our definition: A company culture and environment that supports and inspires employee and client development.
    • This crazy world: We started a Microsoft TEAMS channel called “Staying Inspired” to talk about things like how incredible our clients are during this pandemic to what we’re binging on Netflix.


    • Our definition: A safe place where we take time to understand each other, care for each other, win, lose and find greater purpose.
    • This crazy world: We’re doing daily check-ins across teams to make sure everyone is ok and to see if/how we can provide additional support.

Courageous Truth

    • Our definition: Daring to remain authentic and true to our values when expressing our beliefs and/or making decisions.
    • This crazy world: We are giving our best counsel to clients on how to support employees and their clients/customers, understanding they’re having difficult conversations and making tough decisions.


    • Our definition: Ability to listen and consider others’ thoughts and feelings (appreciating their perspective) before passing judgement or taking action.
    • This crazy world: Empathy is very important right now and we’re demonstrating that with our client relationships, and with each other. We’re taking an “empathy first” approach to all aspects of communications.


    • Our definition: Tenacity to get the outcomes we expect (that meet or exceed our standards).
    • This crazy world: We will continue to persist on completing work and going above and beyond for clients, whether it’s working through pandemic-related efforts or prepping for the post-COVID world.

I have so much gratitude for my Franco Family and how we’re exemplifying our values/culture and taking care of one another. If your organization needs help, we will gladly welcome you into the family. Reach out to learn more.

Megan Bonelli is an Account Supervisor at Franco. Contact her at [email protected].