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Design can make or break an event. It’s supports an organization’s brand and evokes a specific emotion from the time attendees walk into a space until the time they leave. The overall effect and feeling design has on attendees influences their thoughts about your entire organization, so it’s important to design strategically, with the emotion and experience you’re looking to create in mind.

When I design an event or display space for a client, consistency is key. Even the smallest of details has an impact. Everything from décor and lighting to color and collateral are very purposefully and cohesively designed to come together flawlessly. If done smartly, simple designs can elevate an event. If the design is overwhelming, the event can feel heavy and overdone.

Before developing even the first element, a great deal of research goes into understanding our clients’ business goals and their vision and desired outcomes for every event. Rounds of sketches, ideations and inspiration boards get clients to think about what direction they want to go in as we try to expand on their unique image. Taking design cues from their brand provides inspiration for the event design and keeps everything consistent.

Below are a few examples of successful event design we have done for our clients.

Great Designs in Steel (GDIS)

For the past 18 years our client, the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), hosts a 1,200-person conference for the steel and automotive industries. For the first time since the event’s inception, SMDI challenged us with rebranding it to reflect the changes and innovation taking place in the auto industry. With three months until event day, we had to work fast. Hours of research, sketching, feedback and editing was put into creating a new logo and supporting elements.

Below is a sample of the new look from the 2019 event, compared with years’ past. The idea behind the GDIS rebrand was to make steel the star, as the event grows, so it doesn’t get stuck in a design rut and becomes stale. The new logo reflects the many processes steel goes through in production, utilizing a similar color scheme in the refresh.

Old Logo

New Logo

SMDI at the North American International Auto Show

At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) we curated this simple yet eye-catching backdrop for SMDI’s future mobility booth. We worked closely with the vendors and the client to make sure all of the colors popped. Making sure they weren’t overdone and that each piece of the display complemented one another was imperative.

PwC Grand Prixmiere presented by Chevrolet

At the 2018 Grand Prixmiere on Belle Isle we combined a simplistic and sleek design with bright colors and glass elements to reflect light, making every detail shine. Each piece of collateral we created, supported the look and feel Franco helped create for the gala. Using the James Scott Memorial Fountain and subtle racing nods, attendees received a sneak peek of the look and feel of the event from the save-the-date, which carried through everything, down to the program at the table.

Planning an event or display space of your own and not sure where to start? Franco can help! Send us a note, we’d love to help you design the look that’s perfect for your audiences.

Ashley DuPuy Mancuso is a senior designer at Franco. You can reach her at [email protected].