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Utica Community Schools

Fall 2022

TikTok Ad campaign for recruitment

Situation & Approach 

In the fall of 2022, Utica Community Schools was ramping up recruitment efforts and wanted to find new ways to reach prospective candidates for a variety of community education programs, such as after school childcare. In the past, recruitment efforts were focused on Google Search, Google Display, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

For this campaign, we wanted to try a new way to reach potential candidates in a younger demographic on TikTok. With a high number of daily users and high engagement rates, TikTok and its partner platforms seemed like an ideal fit to spread the word that Utica Community Schools was hiring.

Recognizing that TikTok’s advertising options are relatively new (launched only a few years ago), we conducted a lot of upfront research to ensure we built an effective campaign – including looking at various ad examples from other businesses in the education industry, examining the language and creative used and reading through available case studies.

Our Work in Action

Our expertise on other digital ad platforms was an advantage when going through the TikTok ad process, and overall, we found the TikTok ad platform was user-friendly and operated similarly to other ad platforms.

The campaign ran for a month and generated over 1,100 clicks and over 200,000 impressions, creating tremendous awareness and traffic for Utica’s recruitment efforts.