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Public relations is changing – and so are we.

Traditional public relations continue to evolve, and so does Franco. Franco’s brand and reputation are stronger than ever thanks to the versatility and expertise of our team. From public relations, to social media, digital marketing and design – Franco is always trying to learn more, increase proficiency and stay at the top of the industry – even as the public relations field continues to evolve.

Whether the Franco team is taking time to learn something new through advanced degrees, or expanding their expertise through certification courses, our team has been mastering the latest and greatest in PR.

Check out what programs the Franco team endorses, and why:

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook Blueprint Certification recognizes advanced-level proficiency with Facebook’s family of products and services. This credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in creating and buying Facebook advertising for maximum campaign impact. To become Facebook Blueprint certified in the Buying expertise you must complete and pass two very tough exams. Blueprint Certification is the only certification officially recognized by Facebook.

I wanted to have to Blueprint Certification to ensure that I, and the agency, posses the best, most current strategic information for buying and managing ads on Facebook on Instagram. This certification is proof of our advanced expertise in the field.” -Rene Cizio, Account Manager

Google AdWords Certification

In an era of technological advancements there are always new and more innovative methods to allocate quality messages, especially with target audiences. With Google Adwords certifications, professionals gain a proficiency in online advertising with Google Ads, and learn the best practices for optimizing and managing campaigns.

“Getting certified in Google helped me get a better idea of the overall capabilities of the tool. The notes and tests help putting theory to a more practical use and learn from it. Technology is constantly evolving, and the certificates help me stay updated with the same.” -Neekita Singla, Digital Account Executive

Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics certifications improve proficiency in analyzing reports, campaign tracking, marketing tools, data collection and using Google Analytics. This certification helps professionals get the most from digital analytics, ensuring that clients and internal teams understand data and the trends for digital marketing, advertising and social content.

“I use Google Analytics to see how our clients’ website visits are impacted after a campaign is initiated.  We monitor website data all year to benchmark average visits and page views, then, when we have a major campaign, we can see if our program is having any effect on web visits – users taking action. If a program has made an impact we should see a related lift in traffic.” -Rene Cizio, Account Manager

APR Certification

Earning accreditation in public relations, or APR, is an internationally recognized accomplishment that requires the integration of traditional and contemporary methods of communication and strategy. Pursuing an APR allows professionals a chance to learn new cutting-edge public relations strategies through exposure to other top industry leaders.

I’m proud of the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) designation I achieved many years ago and have volunteered a great deal of time in helping other practitioners also achieve ever since. Successfully completing this testing process of the Public Relations Society of America assures my clients that I have demonstrated a level of proficiency in the field that helps enhance the work I perform on their behalf.”-Pat Adanti-Joy, Vice President

Advanced Degrees

Public Relations Master’s Programs typically offer a chance to learn public relations management, leadership skills, strategic and theoretical public relations, marketing management, media relations and more.

In my master’s program, we took a deep dive on communications theories and on research practices – both of which came into play many years later. As I’ve advanced in my career I’ve found myself leaning more on different interpersonal and mass communication theories for my clients. Most recently we’ve done a number of research projects and having that background and knowledge has helped in both the design of the surveys as well as data crunching.” -Ann Marie Fortunate, Account Manager

 “Earning my M.A. in Public Relations was one of the best things I ever did for my career. I had fantastic instructors and learned how to base my decisions and plans in research and strategy. The more experience I gain, the more I lean on these principles for my clients. New tactics and technologies will come and go, but the understanding of communications between an organization and its publics is timeless.” -Elizabeth Robbins-Sabourin, Account Director

A master’s in marketing offers professionals a foundation in management, finance, understanding market trends and more. This degree allows for professionals to combine their real world experience with analytics and theory to assist clients.

Getting a master’s degree helped me deepen my knowledge of concepts in marketing and advertising. It helped me get a more global approach towards understanding of business concepts and the market. It allowed me to interact and network with industry professionals and learn from them and their personal experiences.” -Neekita Singla, Digital Account Executive

After joining Franco as its Chief Financial Officer in 1985, now-CEO Dan Ponder knew he wanted to play a larger role in leading operations at Franco while providing relevant counsel to our clients. He decided a Master’s of Business Administration would help round out his portfolio. Dan was further recognized in 2015 by the MSU Executive MBA Program as Alumni of the Decade.

“I decided MSU’s MBA Program was the best fit for me. It was ranked number two in the country at the time and was set up to provide a class of 65 students a two-year lock-step EMBA education. We not only learned from the professors, but we learned from each other. MSU’s EMBA program ultimately expanded my business knowledge, increased my relevant contacts and better equipped me to provide better integrated business counsel to Frano’s clients.”-Dan Ponder, CEO

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

This certification offers a curriculum in inbound marketing – a technique for marketing products through search engine optimization, social media, branding and blogs. Certified professionals learn to create content designed for specific audiences, allocating quality messages on the appropriate channels.

I’m constantly looking to learn and grow. Especially with the Hubspot certification, I had a lot to learn and I’m still putting that knowledge to use every day for my clients.” -Randy Pilon, Account Executive

Sprout Social Certification

Whether social media is your sole focus or just one of your service offerings, the Sprout Social certification can increase your value to clients, minimize time and resource spend and increase revenue.

“Earning my Sprout Social certification shows that I can use the tools available to me effectively. It tells clients I’m always looking to build upon my skill set – certifying myself and Franco as their experts on social media.” -Geoff Geist, Digital Account Executive

Twitter Flight School Marketing Certification

This certification enables professionals to gain a deeper understand of how Twitter works, and how to engage customers through advertising that makes them a part of a live conversation. This personalized method of communication is great for digital advertising campaigns and understanding how to reach audiences on this social platform.

“I was able to gain valuable knowledge about the platform’s advertising options, through the Twitter Flight School Program. I can now craft more integrated marketing plans knowing what options are available to clients after taking the course.” -Dana Blankenship, Assistant Account Executive

Franco continues to evolve, even after five decades, to integrate marketing, social media, design and measurement through always learning the most we can – to deliver the best service available. What certifications do you find most valuable?

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