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Coming up with a great idea – it’s harder than it sounds. On your own, the process can seem impossible. Your past experiences and background may keep you from thinking outside the box. But surrounded by creative and seasoned PR pros, the next great idea is just a brainstorm away.

Great ideas have the power to move our region forward. We need creative ideas to help solve problems, overcome challenges and move beyond the status quo. A great idea can be the difference between a successful PR campaign and one that fails to move the needle. And, that great idea is never out of reach, as long as the idea is fueled by creativity and initiative.

Clients often look to us to help brainstorm new ideas for product launches, strategies and media opportunities. Prior to joining Franco, I was usually brainstorming alone as the sole PR person in my office. At Franco, the brainstorming process is much more effective because we put collective experience and creative minds together.

Here are a few tips for brainstorming, Franco Style:

  • Explain the need and your goals thoroughly. Brainstorming ideas without a goal in mind will only spin your wheels. Remember to explain the issues, challenges and exactly what needs to be accomplished.
  • Open up the brainstorm to team members who aren’t involved in the project. Others within your organization may have better ideas because they’re not as entrenched in the process.
  • Give everyone the chance to be heard. Include interns as well as senior management in the process, and be sure everyone has an opportunity to contribute ideas. Sometimes an intern or office manager may have the winning idea!
  • Provide an incentive to participate. Can you provide a tasty snack? A round of Starbucks? Candy and caffeine can work wonders. Think of an incentive you can provide to encourage active participation.

At Franco, no idea is a bad idea. Some ideas may not be used because of resources or timing, but we all participate in brainstorming because we care about the success of all of our clients and because all ideas are encouraged.

Do you have any additional brainstorming tips? Is there anything you would add to this list?

Rebekah Johnson is an account executive at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at (313) 567-5016 or [email protected]. Follower her on Twitter at @rebekahrjohnson.

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