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I spent the past four years at Central Michigan University. During that time, I completed two internships and worked for CM-LIFE as an Advertising Account Executive. I played three years of club soccer and joined groups like PR Central and PRSSA. I found my best friends, discovered who I am and fell in love with a university that taught me the principles and practices for the career I wanted. I embraced college and was one of those people who never wanted it to end, but come May it was over and I was joining the unemployed.

In the beginning, I was okay with it. I was happy to take a break and enjoy my summer and have flexibility for just a few more months. That quickly changed when it hit me that I’m not returning to CMU in the fall and it was time to enter the “real world.” I’ll admit it, I was a scared. Scared of rejection and scared of entering an unfamiliar world.

I started to see my other graduated friends starting their new jobs, buying cars and moving away from home. They were starting to support themselves and beginning to establish a new life.

They motivated me to buckle down, put myself out there and apply for jobs. Filling out the same information over and over, writing customized cover letter after cover letter. I felt discouraged and frustrated. Then the calls came and interviews were scheduled. My nerves settled, I built confidence and found a place for myself as a PR Coordinator for Franco Public Relations Group.

Now that I’ve begun to support myself, I’ve realized that you grow up and grow out of college, and that’s okay. They say college is the best four years of your life and it has been for me because graduating has been my biggest accomplishment. Closing the college chapter and entering the real world is a huge adjustment. It’s a challenge, but soon you discover a newfound independence and an excitement to grow into the person you’ve hoped for. Even though my time at CMU is over, my pride as a Chippewa will continue forever and I will always bleed maroon and gold.

What are your feelings about closing the college chapter and transitioning into the workforce? Share them in our comments section below.

Lauren Connor is now an Account Supervisor at Franco.

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