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Social media is a valuable and versatile tool for companies to connect with a number of different audiences. As different social networks evolve, businesses in more industries have seen the ways these sites can help them achieve their own objectives.

Social Media

Each social network has its own unique audience and purpose for B2B marketing. Franco can help leverage each of these networks to get the most out of your efforts and reach those who matter to you.

Although social media marketing has its roots in business to consumer marketing, social networks are growing into business to business companies’ marketing mixes. A recent AdAge survey revealed 80% of B2B marketers plan to increase digital spending next year (up from 67% last year).

Social media platforms can help businesses in a variety of ways. It allows companies to tailor their messages and interact with key audiences who they may not have been able to reach through traditional marketing. Creating meaningful content can establish your company as a thought leader in any industry, and can help you build an excellent reputation.

Businesses entering the social media sphere need to consider a variety of factors in order to ensure they are reaching their target audiences, and receive the highest possible return on investment. At Franco, we work with a number of B2B clients interested in increasing their online presence.

“Social media marketing has the power to create new connections and conversations to strengthen your brand,” said Stephanie Casola, Franco’s social media manager. “We help guide our clients through the process of creating and maintaining this presence to benefit their business.”

Businesses beginning a social media campaign often face the issue of determining the best way to measure results. At Franco we look to a variety of factors to determine the success of our social media efforts. By tracking connections and conversation topics on social networks, we can assign value to different interactions and determine just how much your social media efforts are paying off.

Through a comprehensive research process, we work with each of our clients to create a customized social media strategy tailored to their objectives that help boost their brand awareness and drive revenue.

Dan Horn is an Account Manager at Franco.

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