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Video is important. An easy way to accomplish it? Using your phone. This is a great way to generate video content on social media, websites, blogs, etc. PLUS, if you shoot video the proper way on your phone, it can be seamlessly integrated and edited into videos that also have professional camera footage. Here are five tips to create beneficial phone videos:

Always turn your phone sideways when taking videos. This will make cell phone videos and videos taken by video cameras look the same.

Avoid facing the sun or light source when taking video, always have the subject of the video lit up by the light source (no shadows or blurriness!).

Always use two hands when taking video on your phone OR buy a small tripod. They’re cheap and can make videos on cell phones look quite professional. If you’re holding it though, be sure to keep your arms close to your body to help keep the video stable. Preventing a shaky video is key!

Always make sure that the person or object is in focus. You can do this by tapping the screen where the person or object is, and the phone will correct itself.

Don’t get distracted! Select your phone’s “do not disturb option” so that your notifications don’t crop up while you’re shooting.


What phone video tips and tricks are beneficial to you and your organization? Contact us today if you’re ready to kick it up a notch with professional video services.

Nate Adkins is a video production specialist at Franco, supporting all clients from B2B to B2C to nonprofits. Contact Nate at [email protected]

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