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Before your brand can help others, it needs to have solid commitments, an idea of where it’s going, how it’s going to get there and what impact it’s going to have. Getting your brand message and visual expression right can make all the difference in being understood and remembered by your audience. 

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

The Franco team has developed a strategic process for companies looking to rebrand, develop a new identity or even build on their current brand messaging. Our goal is to find a unique foundation to build from so your brand can thrive in a noisy and competitive market.  

Below are the steps our team takes to craft your unique brand blueprint to shape a brand narrative that’s both enduring and impactful.  

Step 1: Brand Audit

To start the brand review process, we’ll conduct a brand audit. This will evaluate your current position in the marketplace, strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. We will assess competitors, substantively and visually, across their marketing channels. Additionally, we’ll review existing branded materials, messaging and engagement metrics so we can later recommend metrics for the subsequent brand rollout and future campaigns.  

Step 2: Survey

Utilizing the brand audit information, we will develop and distribute a survey to those critical in the decision-making process, including internal staff and external stakeholders. This will provide honest feedback from relevant audiences necessary for the discovery sessions. Our team will handle the development and deployment of the surveys utilizing tools such as Survey Monkey or Google Forms.  

Step 3: Discovery/Visioning Sessions

Franco’s goal is to develop the architecture that makes up your brand’s blueprint. Using findings from the brand audit and internal surveys, we will create a discovery process unique to your organization. We look at different ways to position and humanize the brand and explore new ways to cultivate your brand’s personality and values by establishing connections with your audience and stakeholders. During these visioning sessions, we gather the building blocks of your core messaging framework and outline the critical elements. This approach helps strategically design your identity and ensures your brand’s foundation is solidified before a new identity is established. 

From the insights gained through our research, and with consideration for what already exists and how it resonates with your audiences, we will distill and develop a refreshed value proposition, positioning statement and message framework. The Franco team brings together multiple dimensions of industry-focused experience, from policy and product development to marketing and media.  

Step 4: Build

Once we’ve developed your brand blueprint, we start on a brand structure that we break down into three sections: core identity, elements and application. This is where the visual identity starts to take shape and the brand activation begins. 

  • At the center of your brand is your Core Identity. This is your brand’s narrative defined by your mission, vision, values and brand attributes.  
  • Brand Elementsare the unique characteristics and the visual definition of your brand. 
  • Brand Applicationis how your brand is applied to your marketing materials. 

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving marketplace, establishing an influential and memorable brand presence is paramount. Through a strategic design process, businesses can navigate the complexities of branding with clarity and confidence. From understanding the current brand landscape through audits to laying the foundations with core identity, we prioritize a tailored approach for each client.

As you embark on or refine your branding journey, remember that the strength of your brand lies not just in its visual appeal but in its authenticity, purpose and the connections it fosters.  

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Ashley DuPuy Mancuso is Creative Director at Franco. Connect with her on LinkedIn.